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Murano is operated by Leisure Care, a senior living management company with nearly 50 years of experience operating elegant retirement communities.

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The Signature 180 label has been reserved for Leisure Care communities that are as unique as they are innovative.

Driven by a genuine respect for residents and their families, employees of Signature 180 communities are highly-trained and strive to exceed customer expectations everyday. They do this by setting colossal standards for quality and choice in guest services, amenities, resort-style living, and in all things “fun.”

Above all else, Signature 180 communities are tailored to take advantage of each community’s individual setting and local amenities. Unique, urban or suburban, luxurious, or all of the above, Signature 180 communities have enhanced services and amenities to go with their own individual touches. It’s retirement living 180 degrees from the usual.

We take good care of our employees. What’s that mean to you?

We’re a company that obsesses about great service. It’s what we love to do. Our parent company, One Eighty, strives to inspire new and creative ways of doing business.

Okay. Well, I know what you’re probably thinking here – This sounds great and all. But so what? Well, we think the “so what” effect is happening every day at all of our communities across the country – a crazy mix of service and creativity that makes us different than other retirement communities. One that you will feel in countless ways when you live here.

Family Work CommunityHow do we get this crazy mix of service and creativity? Quite simply, through our employees. You see, our company strongly believes that each person should have an opportunity to be truly happy in what they do, and strive to live a balanced life. We call this living the Three-Thirds Lifestyle. In short, we promote putting family first (1/3), giving back to the community second (2/3), and finally, meaningfully contributing to a work environment (3/3). It may seem backwards for us to ask our employees to place work last in their line of priorities, but we know it’s the right thing to do. And we’ve found this has powerful results that mean something to you. Because when life is good for our employees, they are more dedicated, efficient, creative, and yes, happy. And happy people will provide you with the best service possible.

We do everything possible to help our employees live a purpose-driven life. And they know their company stands behind the same principles that they do. A company that believes their work makes the world a better place. Which can make your world better, too.

We hope you can get to know some of these fine folks. And they can get to know you.
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Where retirement and luxury playfully mingle.

Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to be the center of attention. And, as far as we’re concerned, you can be the center of attention all the time. This is retirement living that takes service well beyond the maximum. Go ahead, take a spin.

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