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Staying “Grounded” at The Landing of Towamencin


Alissa Sauer

Spring is here and although this spring may look a little different because of Coronavirus, the team at The Landing of Towamencin is looking forward to fun and engaging spring activities while respecting the current social distancing guidelines. Learn more about Eldergrow at The Landing of Towamencin, a unique approach to gardening therapy that leaves residents feeling relaxed and engaged.

Gardening with Eldergrow at The Landing of Towamencin

The Landing of Towamencin partners with Eldergrow, a unique program that offers residents a therapeutic connection to nature through innovative gardening products and services. Eldergrow works with senior care communities to create indoor therapeutic sensory gardens while also teaching classes and measuring resident wellness goals.

Research has shown that gardening or “dirt therapy” can have a positive impact on the quality of life for seniors, especially seniors with dementia. Creating a unique environment that encourages social interaction, cultivates purpose, and even improves nutrition, gardening can improve many aspects of a person’s life. Gardening therapy is a type of therapy known as ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’, which has been shown to help connect individuals with the earth. Grounding has been found to increase immunity, increase circulation, and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Positive Effects of Gardening on Dementia

People with dementia who garden often demonstrate increased dexterity, less agitation and anxiety, and a greater sense of purpose. Because gardening allows the gardener to see the fruits of their labor firsthand, it is a great way to empower seniors with dementia. Additionally, gardening, like many types of grounding therapies, is very sensory, which can be calming for people with dementia. Gardening involves all of the senses, touching the dirt, feeling the seeds, smelling the flowers, tasting the vegetables, and even hearing the sounds of nature while tending to a garden.

Gardening can be done throughout the progression of dementia. Because dementia is a neurodegenerative disease, it worsens over time and once-familiar tasks can become increasingly difficult. Seniors with dementia are able to perform gardening tasks in early, middle, and late stages of the disease, although those tasks may change as the disease progresses. For example, someone in the early stage of dementia may be able to own the entire process, while someone in the later stages of dementia can help monitor the growth of the seeds and pick ripe vegetables.

The Landing of Towamencin encourages and empowers seniors in independent living, personal care, and memory care by providing care services with a whole lotta love. Visit our Facebook page and see how seniors thrive at The Landing of Towamencin!


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