Van Mall Resident Knits Hats for Chemotherapy Patients

Pursuing Passion at Van Mall

Van Mall Resident Dorothy Jacob, 94 is a dedicated knitter and has turned her lifelong passion into a project of compassion. Dorothy knits hats for chemotherapy patients in the oncology department at Peace Health Medical Center in Vancouver, WA. Learn more about Dorothy’s project and how she gives back to her community.

Turning Passion into Compassion at Van Mall

Dorothy JacobsVan Mall resident Dorothy Jacob is 94 years young and dedicated to giving back to her community in a tangible and practical way. Dorothy spends time everyday knitting hats for patients in the oncology department at Peace Health Medical Center in Vancouver, WA where her daughter works.

“I love doing something for others.” – Dorothy Jacob, Van Mall resident

The hats are needed for patients undergoing chemotherapy who lose their hair. These hats, knit with soft yarn, help people fighting cancer maintain body temperature and help boost immunity. They can also increase physical and emotional confidence after hair loss. Dorothy can knit up to 30 hats per week, ensuring that no one has to go without a hat.

Moving into senior living is a great way to continue doing the things you are passionate about without the worry of housework, home maintenance, and chores. In fact, many seniors choose to volunteer in retirement as a way to give back. The Corporation for National and Community Service found that of the country’s 62.6 million volunteers, 35% were over the age of 55, and 10% were 75 years or older. From mentoring youth to collecting food donations, it’s clear that today’s seniors are making a tangible and positive impact on the world around them.

We are thankful for our residents, like Dorothy, who prove to us every day that retirement doesn’t mean stopping your life’s work – it means continuing it in a new and profound way.

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