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Murano Senior Living Grand Opening

Murano Senior Living is open and accepting move-ins for independent living, assisted living, and memory care! To mark the special occasion, current residents, staff, friends, family, and the local community celebrated with a grand opening celebration.

Grand Opening Ceremony at Murano Senior Living

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, Murano Senior Living celebrated its grand reopening. The 24-story senior living community in downtown Seattle offers a continuum of care services, including independent living, assisted living, enhanced assisted living, and memory care.

Party attendees enjoyed fantastic food, drinks, and activities on the first three floors of Murano and had the opportunity to take a private tour of the community. The night was fun and full of Murano magic, complete with live entertainment, endless festivities, and smiling races.

“What an outstanding, magical event we had! Upon arrival, we were greeted with trumpet players, endless festivities, and smiling faces. So much attention went into each detail to make everyone feel special. The food, drinks, and entertainment on multiple floors were over the top! Even the elevators were entertaining! Thank you Murano for spoiling us and creating such a memorable evening! We are so thrilled to be part of the Murano family!” – Amanda

“I was so amazed at how much time and effort went into making all the residents feel so welcome and ‘at home’.  But it was the staff that made us all feel terrific.  They were everywhere making sure we were listening to the great music, eating all the scrumptious food, and enjoying ourselves and each other.  My highlight was listening to the twin pianos and actually dancing with Ruben and Zanny as a trio!  We sang to the songs, many danced to the music and Murano put on a show like no other!” -Sharon

It was a memorable night, celebrating the Murano Senior Living experience!

My friends said they came in “with the horns.”  I thought they meant hordes, but then they repeated “horns – we thought you arranged them for us.” Of course, they meant the Heraldic Horns that greeted each couple as they came in. The Parmesan Pasta bowl was also a big hit. Hollow out one complete wheel of Parmesan, then use that to season the pasta that has just been tossed in hot olive oil.  If you wanted more Parmesan, you just had to ask for an additional curl or two.”  -Gerry M.

Murano Senior Living is now accepting new residents. It’s time to bring your retired life to life. It’s time to experience Murano Senior Living. Contact us today for your private tour.