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Oktoberfest at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins

MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins

At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, we are always looking for a way to celebrate. Each month we have a themed dinner including a buffet, entertainment, and themed decor. We call it the “MacKenzie Special”. Take a closer look at how residents and staff prioritized Five Star Fun at our most recent themed dinner, Oktoberfest.

Celebrating Fall at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins

Every month, MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins hosts a themed dinner for residents, family members, and friends. We recently celebrated Oktoberfest in our dining room, complete with authentic German food and a photo booth, all of our residents were invited to take part in the fun. Some residents even dressed up in traditional German clothing! The evening was a blast!

Fun with a Purpose

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to have fun at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins [4]. Five-Star Fun is more than our motto, it affects everything we do – and how we do it. Our themed dinners are fun, but they are also purposeful and intentional. They help residents connect with each other and our staff in a relaxed atmosphere. They create an opportunity for memories to be made with family and friends. It’s more than a themed dinner, it’s a party!

We’d love for you to join us for our next event! Call us or stop by for a tour today and learn how you can become part of the MacKenzie Place family!