San Marino Volunteers at Harris Park Elementary

San Marino Volunteers at Local School

Residents at San Marino stocked 300 Christmas stockings and donated them to students at Harris Park Elementary School the week before Christmas. Residents held a bake sale, donated money, and thoughtfully stuffed each stocking. Every child at the elementary school received a stocking.

Learn more about how volunteering inspires our residents and how we make community involvement a priority at San Marino.

Prioritizing Community at San Marino

Not only do residents at San Marino enjoy a strong sense of community and belonging within our community, they are also an integral part of the larger Westminster community. The week before Christmas, San Marino residents stuffed and delivered 300 Christmas stockings for children at the Harris Park Elementary School. Residents thoughtfully stuffed each stocking with toy cars, hats, gloves, oranges, and more. Every child at the school received a stocking.

While we deliver stockings annually, this year we will also be volunteering one hour per week in the school, striving to develop a true mentor relationship with students. Intergenerational mentoring relationships have shown to be beneficial for children and seniors alike, bringing a sense of meaning and purpose to retirees.

Seniors who intentionally mentor youth have a unique opportunity to learn new skills, have an improved sense of purpose and meaning, have a better outlook on aging, are less likely to feel isolated or lonely, and are given a great opportunity to share life lessons and family stories.

Stop by San Marino today to learn more about our intentional efforts towards community service! We’d love for you to join us for our next volunteer event!

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