At The Linden at Stonehaven Square, health and wellness are top priorities. Learn more about the importance of good nutrition in seniors and how The Linden at Stonehaven Square senior living goes above and beyond to ensure our residents are getting the nutrition they need to live better than ever. The Importance of Good Nutrition...
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The Linden at Stonehaven Square Keeps Residents Connected
The Linden at Stonehaven Square senior living community knows how important it is to keep seniors connected with friends and family. Now, more than ever, we are relying on technology to keep our residents socially connected and physically apart. Learn more about the different types of technology available to the staff and residents at The...
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At The Linden at Stonehaven Square, we work hard to ensure our staff is adhering to rapidly changing protocols and that our residents are receiving the highest quality of care. Learn more about our services and our most recent deficiency-free survey! The Linden at Stonehaven Square was recently surveyed by the Department of Health. We...
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Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for The Linden at Stonehaven Square senior living, an assisted living and memory care Leisure Care community. “To say ‘thanks’ doesn’t express the gratitude I feel for the wonderful service you have given us. Thank you to all of The Linden for the great home-like care.” –...
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The Linden at Stonehaven Square has always been about bringing creative and innovative solutions to senior living. We are continuing to go the extra mile, ensuring our residents can stay connected with their families while following recommended social distancing guidelines. There’s no doubt we are living in unprecedented times. The staff at The Linden at...
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The Linden at Stonehaven Square offers assisted living and memory care services with a whole lotta heart! Learn more about our unique approach to care at our open house event. The Linden at Stonehaven Square is Tulsa’s senior living community of choice. We offer a range of senior living services, including assisted living and memory...
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Horticulture Therapy at The Linden at Stonehaven Square
Horticulture therapy, or garden therapy, is a proven and effective tool for improving the quality of life and enhancing the well-being of people of all ages, especially seniors. Learn more about the benefits of horticulture therapy and how residents at The Linden at Stonehaven Square are cultivating thriving gardens in assisted living and memory care. ...
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The Lobby at The Ackerly at Timberland
The Linden at Stonehaven Square is proud to announce that we have been ranked as the best memory care in Tulsa from! Learn more about the rankings and our unique approach to memory care. Opal Memory Care at The Linden at Stonehaven Square The Linden at Stonehaven Square is proud to feature Opal by...
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When you think of traditional retirement locales, Oklahoma may not be at the top of your list – but it should be. Retiring in Oklahoma has several benefits. Consistently ranked in the top 100 best places to live and best places to retire, Oklahoma is a hidden gem for retirees seeking a beautiful, peaceful, and...
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Five Star Fun at The Linden at Stonehaven Square
At The Linden at Stonehaven Square, our residents know how to have a good time! We pride ourselves on living Five-Star Fun every day – and we’d love for you to join us! Stop by The Linden at Stonehaven Square any Friday afternoon and you can find the majority of our assisted living residents in...
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