Amenities Dining


At Leisure Care, choice is paramount, and dining is no exception. With fresh, seasonal menus created by our talented team of chefs, some would say our meals rival those of top restaurants. And to ensure that they do, we constantly ask a group of people with exceedingly discriminating taste buds—our residents.

Fresh & Local

Our chefs mix up menus regularly to allow for the freshest ingredients. Each community creates their own menu, giving chefs the opportunity to use fresh, local ingredients and be flexible in their culinary creations. Menus are reevaluated and recreated regularly to bring greater variety to each community. Have something specific in mind for a meal? That’s fine too. Our chefs will prepare a made to order meal, just the way you like it. Many of our community restaurants even have flexible dining hours so you can eat when you feel like it. All Leisure Care communities also offer room service, so that residents can gather with friends and family in their apartments for a meal together at home. 

True Restaurant Dining

All of our communities feature a restaurant where guests are always welcome. What does that mean for our residents, you ask? It means that every time you dine, you will be greeted personally by our hospitable and friendly staff who will take your order, let the chef know your preferences and your meal will be presented just how you like it. Celebrating something special? Celebrate with us. It’s not just a meal. It’s an experience with the people you love. And we promise it’s one you will always be proud to share.

Serving Revolutionary Coffee

For residents looking to grab a quick breakfast sandwich, pastry, or a cup of coffee before a day on the town, many of our communities have a bistro. We even have our own coffee company, Trücup, featuring low-acidity that removes harmful acids but keeps the great taste our residents love. Trücup is a great option for seniors who enjoy a great roast but suffer from heartburn or stomach conditions irritated by coffee consumption.

Spot-on service, fresh products, lots of choices, great atmosphere, and gracious servers—we’ve been perfecting the art of restaurant dining for more than 35 years, and it shows. But don’t take our word for it. Contact the nearest Leisure Care community to schedule a visit, and let us treat you to a meal.