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We understand that life moves fast, and the changes come quickly. So, how do you keep it all in balance? For Leisure Care community residents, it just comes naturally. And it all starts with PrimeFit Wellness.

PrimeFit Wellness incorporates all the elements of a nationally recognized health and wellness program, from fitness to mindfulness. Focusing on mind, body, and soul, PrimeFit Wellness extends beyond the gym and dining room to the broader holistic dimensions of a life well-lived. PrimeFit Wellness includes five core wellness elements: physical, brain, balance, nutrition, and lifestyle, and is a part of everyday life for Leisure Care residents. It is fun, motivating, convenient, and every element works together to create a lifestyle that promotes total wellness, enabling you to be fully prepared for your next adventure, wherever it takes you.

With PrimeFit Wellness, it’s time to live life well.

A Holistic Approach to a Whole New You

Wellness is a broad term, and it can mean different things to different folks. We believe that your wellness should be centered around, well, you. Prioritizing these five core elements of wellness, we ensure that our residents are truly living better than ever.


PrimeFit Wellness Physical Fitness

For nearly two decades, our PrimeFit program has led the industry in helping seniors stay healthy and active. Residents have benefitted from preventative and adaptive measures, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and even personal training sessions at some communities. Our residents set and exceed physical fitness goals, increasing mobility and balance in and out of the gym.


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Here, you’ll find an innovative approach to brain fitness and a partnership with research-backed technology to make training your brain effective and, as always, fun. Using the MyLeisureCare app, our communities keep resident interests updated and personalize events and activities with current resident interests. Our residents keep their minds active and engaged with brain training games, educational opportunities, and more.


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Balance and fall prevention are essential at any age, and we help our residents maintain and improve strength and mobility as part of PrimeFit Wellness. Whether through our certified Balance Builders program or a combination of walking groups and other balance-focused exercises, we’re all about keeping balance!



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We provide fantastic food and beverage experiences that feature nutritious, delicious, and beautifully presented dishes. Our chefs utilize technology to take your nutrition to the next level. We tailor your dining experience, monitoring food allergies, and accommodating most special diets. Nutrition is so important to us that we have created trücup low-acid coffee, served in all Leisure Care communities.


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Leisure Care residents enjoy access to exclusive programs and signature amenities, all designed to help you shine. From gardening to globetrotting, we have something for you. Here, wellness is everywhere, and it’s in everything we do! From horticultural programs to local cultural trips and in-community art programs to our signature Travel by Leisure Care program, we’ve got you covered. The opportunities are endless.

It’s Time to Live Well.

Mind, body, and soul, PrimeFit Wellness is here to help you make your retirement years some of your healthiest years. The Five-Star Fun is waiting for you! Move into a Leisure Care community today to start your wellness journey.