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Health & Wellness

Well-being and living well come to life in PrimeFit wellness. At Leisure Care communities, PrimeFit Wellness is more than a signature program. It’s our standard operating procedure that is far from standard.

We practice well-being and champion proactive wellness by meeting the social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal health of residents. How does that manifest itself in our communities? We’re glad you asked.
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Let’s start in the kitchen, the heart of the home.
Leisure Care communities have onsite restaurants with in-house chefs who carefully cultivate seasonal menus with scratch-made items and locally-sourced ingredients. Dining in a Leisure Care community is a social event where residents arrive early, often grabbing a pre-dinner cocktail before sitting down with good friends to eat good food. Over meals, plans are made, and friendships are forged.

Sample Menu

Two women outdoors with yoga mats


Movement is good for the mind, body, and spirit, so we encourage residents to remain physically active as much as possible.
Leisure Care communities have onsite fitness instructors who lead group fitness classes and some even offer personal training sessions. They work closely with individual residents to understand their fitness goals and create attainable plans to work towards those goals. We have seen the powerful effects of physical fitness in the lives of our residents as we cheer them on in local 5ks and walkathons.
Senior man playing on piano


Our activities bring a new level of wellness to senior living.
Forget Bingo (although we have that, too)! It’s time to rediscover and maybe even reinvent yourself. Our programs empower residents to rekindle lifelong passions or find completely new ones. Active, fun, and resident-focused, Leisure Care activities encourage social and communal wellness that inspires a new age of senior living.

Sample Activity Calendar

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