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About Us

Based in Seattle, Washington, Leisure Care was founded in 1976 and is one of the nation’s largest privately held retirement and assisted living companies. We own, manage, develop, and consult in all facets of the senior living business.

Innovators in Senior Living for More than 50 Years

Since our founding, Leisure Care has challenged the definition of senior living. We are leaders in science-based wellness programs, and we continue to innovate in areas that allow our residents to engage in the world around them through cultural, travel, and philanthropic opportunities.

Our goal is simple: to create happy residents, families, employees, and partners. That’s who we are, and if you make your home with us, work for us, or work with us we think you’ll more than notice.

How do we do that? We take good care of our people, and they, in turn, take great care of yours. Guided by core values that focus on both our employees and our residents, we’re reimagining senior living for a generation that is redefining what being older means.

Our Core Values

Practice Well-being

We champion proactive wellness.


We take care of ourselves holistically to deliver exceptional care and service for others.


You are the focus, receiving tailored care and services that support mind-body-social wellness that meets your specific needs.

Strike a Balance

A balanced life is a successful one.


We promote a “Three-Thirds Lifestyle,” putting family first, giving back to the community second, and finally, contributing meaningfully to our work environment.


You reside in a community where the support of dedicated, attentive employees frees you to choose your right balance between independence and engaging with the group.

Permission to Play

We encourage exploration and pursuing joy.


Employees are empowered to lead with autonomy, create a positive work environment and pursue opportunities for growth.


You are empowered and supported to live with potential and purpose, celebrating the possibilities that each day offers.

Leave Your Mark

We strive to make a positive impact.


We strive to make a positive impact on our community, our residents, and each other through philanthropy, hospitality, and care.


When you contribute to the community in a positive way, you share and expand your own sense of self.

Break the Mold

We deliver the unexpected.


Ideas thrive here. We welcome creative thinking and action that can lead to a new approach to our solutions and service.


Experience delights you didn’t anticipate when you envisioned life in a senior living community. And you might even surprise yourself.

One Eighty

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One Eighty, Leisure Care’s parent company, is a diversified hospitality company, catering to the needs of seniors and non-seniors alike in a broad range of markets, predominantly in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s retirement communities around the globe, our full-service travel agency, our low-acid coffee company, our exceptional senior living restaurants, or our charity foundation, we approach everything through our customers’ eyes.

One Eighty Foundation

Established in 2010, the One Eighty Foundation is passionately committed to improving the lives of children and families—to give when there are needs, to mentor when guidance is sought, and to create opportunities for better lives. The One Eighty Foundation supports a number of Puget Sound area organizations, including YouthCare, Toys for Kids, Pioneer Services – Spruce Street Inn, YMCA, Kindering, and Seattle Union Gospel Mission.
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