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Our Commitment to Living Better Than Ever

Moving to a Leisure Care community has always been about living better than ever. In an ever-changing world, our commitment to you, our residents, and our staff remains unwavering.

We are excited to announce that Leisure Care communities have partnered with CVS pharmacies to administer the COVID-19 vaccine on-site in each of our communities for every resident, making the vaccine easy and convenient for those who need it most. Learn More

We have always been and will continue to be, a community deeply committed to doing the right thing. The last few years have proven our promise to be true. At every turn, we exceeded expectations and we will continue to do so. Our communities are continuing to deliver the Five-Star Fun for which we are known while also continuing to follow local regulations and protocols. We are emerging from the last few years with a stronger team and a stronger culture that empowers us all to live better than ever.

Like many of you, we learned to expect the unexpected. We were flexible so we could bend and not break. We know for certain that we have the right people in the right places, an incredibly committed culture, and the determination to get us through whatever the future holds.

Our communities are open and ready to accept new residents.

As always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and valued.

Please don’t hesitate to call our dedicated COVID-19 phone number at 206-436-7765.



COVID-19 VACCINATIONS: All residents and staff will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on-site through our partnership with CVS pharmacies.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING & DISINFECTION: Community staff are cleaning and disinfecting the community, with special attention to high-touch surfaces, using electrostatic sprayer and disinfectants identified on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) list of registered products effective against COVID-19 regularly throughout the day and night, as well as when an area has been used for allowable small-group activities.

SCREENING & TESTING: In addition to screening residents and individuals prior to accessing the community, Leisure Care has secured the means to conduct testing of residents and staff through private laboratories. In addition to following each community’s jurisdictional requirements for testing staff and residents, our communities have been conducting enhanced, routine testing of staff to identify positive, asymptomatic individuals who would be restricted from working.

EDUCATION & COVID-19: Using tools provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other trusted health organizations, we have focused on the importance of educating each community’s team (residents, family members, staff, and individuals who have access to the community) about the importance of hand hygiene, recognizing symptoms of COVID-19, and other precautions that reduce risk including use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, cloth face coverings and gloves, and best practices when outside of the community.

VISITATION: In addition to accommodating those individuals who have been deemed “essential” visitors, we look forward to expanding visitation as identified by jurisdictional guidance and as practicable for each community’s operation. A community’s visitation may progress or regress in accordance with local phasing recommendations and requirements. Please contact the community in advance for information about scheduled visitation. Should there be a positive COVID-19 case identified in a community, visitation may regress immediately upon discovery.


PROGRAMMING & DINING: Communal activities and dining remain modified and, like visitation, may resume in accordance with jurisdictional guidance and as practicable for a community’s operation. We will continue to incorporate various engagement technologies and individualized programming and offer in-apartment dining as we phase in small group activities, shared transportation and dining that allows for social distancing, cleaning and disinfection of areas/items between use and observing best PPE and hand hygiene practices.

VULNERABLE POPULATIONS: Residents are encouraged to remain in the community as much as possible. If residents do go out into the larger community, we ask that they wear a mask and continue to utilize all recommended hygiene practices to ensure public safety.

Life at our Communities

Leisure Care communities find creative ways to stay social while social distancing.

Sure, things have changed and while our community events may look different, our team is dedicated to bringing Five-Star Fun every day. We could tell you all about how our team became more creative than ever in engaging residents – but we’d rather show you.


DECEMBER 22, 2021 | 4:00 PM PST

Dear Residents, Family Members, and Staff,

The holidays have arrived! It’s a special season for which the reveling has begun! We hope that you find joy in your celebrations and gatherings. We have enjoyed sharing special moments with you and your families throughout this season – a season for which we’ve also faced the Omicron variant…Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Leisure Care has nearly 50 years of experience providing exceptional senior living, that’s why we’ve been at the forefront of responding to this virus. Rest assured that we have clear and well-established protocols that exceed the CDC’s guidelines.


Will communities be reopening?

We look forward to resuming the services to which our residents are accustomed while keeping the health and wellness of our residents and staff our top priority. Our communities are phasing in reopening in accordance with guidance from their local jurisdictions and as practicable for the community’s operation. Each community communicates progress updates to residents, family members, staff, and others on a regular basis. Should there be a need to pause reopening or regress, the community will communicate those changes as quickly as possible. Please contact the community for current information on its reopening phase.

What are Leisure Care communities doing to help protect residents, families, and staff from contracting COVID-19?

Since March 2, 2020, the Leisure Care team has been working diligently to monitor the COVID-19 public health crisis. A cross-functional group of representatives from the corporate office, the COVID-19 Committee, in conjunction with the Operations Leaders and feedback from the community General Managers, has been developing interim protocols and modifying them as necessary to respond to jurisdictional recommendations and each community’s needs. For specific information about a topic, please refer to our overview of protocols, FAQs and latest updates, which include letters to families, residents and visitors.

Are you well-stocked on supplies (cleaning products, PPE, and other emergency supplies)?

Leisure Care’s outbreak and pandemic preparedness plan require each community to maintain a separate additional inventory of PPE, disposable dining products, antiviral disinfectants, and other supplies that would support residents and staff at the community for at least three days. As part of the company’s COVID-19 response, the par levels for supplies have been increased based on CDC “burn rate” calculations and real-time data based on the community’s business model and whether there are positive cases of COVID-19 in the community.

The Community’s corporate office has established purchasing relationships with vendors who have been able to source adequate PPE, hand sanitizer, and other supplies essential to environmental maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each community utilizes a database to track community par levels to ensure the cache is adequate and pro-actively managed in the event suppliers anticipate shortages.

Are residents and employees screened and tested regularly?

In addition to screening residents and individuals prior to accessing the community, Leisure Care has secured the means to conduct testing of residents and staff through private laboratories. In addition to following each community’s jurisdictional requirements for testing staff and residents, our communities have been conducting enhanced, routine testing of staff to identify positive, asymptomatic individuals who would be restricted from working.

How is air quality and air circulation being improved and monitored?

Most of our communities are uniquely outfitted with portable indoor air quality machines that will allow us to purify the indoor air. Additionally, most of our communities have dedicated HVAC UV systems certified to trap up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometers or larger in size. This reduces the number of small particles that carry bacteria and viruses. The UV lamp then exposes microbes to UV light which kills them or inactivates them. The negative ions produced by air purifiers have been shown to improve mood, lessen episodes of depression, and even decrease the risk of seasonal affective disorder.

How are visitors being screened for COVID-19?

Leisure Care has invested in state of the art Accushield kiosks for most of our communities to effectively monitor symptoms of COVID-19 in visitors. These kiosks will replace paper sign-ins. Visitors will approach the kiosk and have their temperatures taken and recorded. Visitors will then be led through several questions to identify any symptoms or risk factors that may be related to COVID-19.


How have activities within the communities changed?

In this period of self-isolation and social distancing, resident engagement and social interactions are perhaps more important in supporting the emotional wellbeing of our residents than ever before. In lieu of large-group activities, Leisure Care managed communities are proud to have adapted and risen to the occasion, engaging residents with individual in-apartment activities, technology-based engagement programs, doorway and corridor events (with face coverings and social distancing, of course!), and specialized activities for Opal by Leisure Care program residents. Small group activities that allow for social distancing, cleaning and disinfection of areas/items between use and observing best PPE and hand hygiene practices will be introduced to each community as permitted by current conditions and jurisdictional guidance.

PrimeFit, a nationally branded program and leader in senior fitness and wellness, is exclusive to Leisure Care communities, and it is one way we keep our residents focused on health, fitness, and fun. PrimeFit has creatively adapted its health and wellness programs to align with social distancing guidelines and regulations. Our PrimeFit instructors are hosting virtual classes, providing in-home workout plans, and offering a variety of engaging therapies. We know that mental health is just as important as physical health and strive to meet the social, emotional, physical, and mental needs of our residents year-round.

Are family members able to visit their loved ones?

Throughout the United States, guidance on visitor guidance limitations at senior living communities varies. While some jurisdictions only advise the admittance of properly screened essential visitors, others are expanding visitation, which we recognize as being incredibly important. For those communities that are observing limited essential visitation, we continue to encourage families and friends to keep in touch via FaceTime, Skype, and other digital means. In jurisdictions that are expanding visitation, we have found creative solutions to bring people together. Visitation areas that support appropriate social distancing protocols may be established outside or inside the community, with visitation times scheduled in advance. A community’s visitation may progress or regress in accordance with local Phasing recommendations and requirements. Please contact your loved one’s community in advance for information about scheduled visitation.

Do residents still have access to transportation?

Leisure Care managed communities have continued to utilize community vehicles to transport residents to health care appointments within the community’s designated radius. Transportation has been modified to limit passenger capacity to an individual resident or to co-residents of an apartment and appointment scheduling must allow adequate time to clean and disinfect the vehicle prior to the next appointment. The community may also assist residents with coordinating other means of transportation to essential appointments.

As jurisdictional guidance allows, Communities may expand transportation to include small groups in Community vehicles that permit social distancing. Please contact the Community in advance for scheduling and information about PPE and best practices while being transported using Community vehicles.


How has the dining experience changed?

Communal dining venues including restaurants, dining rooms, bistros, and complimentary refreshment areas were closed when the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus in our communities became apparent. Our signature[JT1] food and beverage program created new ways to keep residents connected to the social dining experience. From delivering in-apartment meal service, to hosting virtual happy hours, delivering ‘quarantinis,’ and offering virtual cooking classes with tastings delivered to apartments, our communities have stepped up to the “plate” to keep residents living better than ever. Contact your loved one’s community to learn more about their specific dining program.

When will restaurants and bistros open?

We will carefully evaluate opportunities to open our restaurants and bistros on a community by community basis. Communities that begin reopening dining venues will rearrange furniture to allow social distancing and may introduce staggered, reserved seating. Residents who choose to dine in a communal space are asked to wear a face covering when not dining and required to participate in hand hygiene (washing or using hand sanitizer) prior to entering the area. Contact the community for information about current food and beverage services.


What is a virtual consultation?

Prospective residents and their family members can speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to better understand their options and ask questions about the Leisure Care lifestyle. We’ve developed tools to provide a walk through our sparkling spaces, signature programs, and tour an apartment to virtually experience life in our community. We are beginning to offer limited-access tours by necessity.

For those seeking personal care or assisted living services or are considering one of our fully-licensed communities, a virtual consultation can be scheduled with the community’s Health and Wellness leader to discuss service needs and preferences and coordinate assessments and practitioner telehealth availability.

What is the move-in process?

We have developed interim protocols to guide the move-in process. Prospective residents moving directly from a private residence will be tested for COVID-19 and have evidence of negative test results prior to moving into the community. Upon arrival to the community, the resident will be asked to observe the community’s current self-quarantine practices. Prospective residents moving directly from a hospital, skilled nursing or care facility or other licensed/certified setting will be subject to the screening and testing as determined by the jurisdictional authority and asked to observe the community’s self-quarantine practices. The community protocols also provide information identifying practices that the moving team and family transition representatives will be asked to observe, including screening upon arrival, use of PPE, and scheduling guidelines.


We’ve always known that the staff at Leisure Care communities are incredible. They are hard-working, compassionate, and dedicated to their residents, the families of residents, and to their local communities. As the days and weeks go by, letters that are positive, encouraging, and heartfelt continue to pour in. We are inspired and thankful for your unwavering support as it has provided more fuel and energy to get to the finish line. And, each day, we are closer to getting there, and we will make it!

  • Thank you for your kindness, dedication, and healing touch. Thank you for always putting our residents first no matter how demanding your day. We thank you for providing an empathetic ear and compassionate hand when life-changing circumstances arise. Thank you for being on the front lines of care. You are without question, essential to us all. You are the Florence Nightingales of this generation!

    Diane Umayam, Leisure Care Health Services Director
    Diane Umayam
    Leisure Care Health Services Director
  • Thank you for the time, care, attention, communication, professionalism, and heightened precautions you are enacting each day throughout this especially stressful and uncertain time. Deep gratitude and immense appreciation to each of you, now more than ever before.

    Bella Villaggio staff
    Kris Geerds
    Bella Villaggio
  • With the coronavirus, the entire staff is working harder than ever. We thank them for their hard work, commitment, and most of all, kindness. Rest assured, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Together we will all get through this.

    WESFW Distance
    Alisa London
    Fairwinds West Hills

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