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The Leisure Care Difference

Today’s older adults aren’t wrapping up their life’s journey; they’re seeking a new one. For nearly 50 years, we’ve been reimagining and reinventing senior living to make sure older adults have the most fulfilling, rewarding, and productive opportunities possible. Now, the largest generation in history is entering their retirement years. Rather than sitting in a rocking chair, they want to keep rocking — and we’re helping them do just that.

Conveniently located at the corner of wisdom and happiness.

From our hospitality-based care to our signature programming, our beyond-the-body approach to well-being goes beyond the basics because we know you’re anything but. We are paying attention, providing new and innovative ways to help seniors rediscover and occasionally even reinvent themselves.

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Our approach to well-being.

How are we doing all this? We’re glad you asked. First, we start with the science-backed and research-based basics. But we know that wellness is more than physical health. At every Leisure Care community, we practice well-being, champion proactive wellness, and believe the essentials to a life filled with joy and purpose begin with these five things:


Our PrimeFit instructors and fitness centers work with each resident to improve strength, mobility, and balance. This individualized approach, partnered with focused nutrition and therapies, has helped our residents attain once-out-of-reach fitness goals, run 5ks, walk grandchildren down the aisle, and make positive and significant changes in their physical health.

Leisure Care communities proudly offer programs that strengthen mental health. Here, you’ll discover a mentally supportive and stimulating lifestyle through signature programming like BrainHQ. BrainHQ by Posit Science is one of our signature programs shown to improve cognitive health through 29 scientifically backed brain training games with personalized programs that keep you sharp and focused.

Many artists, writers, poets, and community collaborators call our communities home. Through our programming, residents have the freedom and space to create art and experience culture. At Leisure Care communities, you’ll find art shows featuring resident work, writer workshops, and poetry readings.

Dynamic activity calendars, resident-run clubs, and travel experiences come together to create a strong sense of community where meaningful connections are cultivated. You can trust that there will always be something fun and social to do at a Leisure Care community.

Our residents and team members make meaningful contributions to the areas where they live, work, and play. We are a community that gives back and does it well. Food drives, school supply drives, mentorship opportunities, educational scholarships, Alzheimer’s awareness events, and fundraisers ( just to name a few!) are all a part of life in a Leisure Care community.

Signature Programs

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PrimeFit Wellness

Where you continue to grow, not age.

Leisure Care communities practice well-being, champion proactive wellness, and believe the key to a life filled with joy and purpose starts with these five essentials: social, physical, mental, emotional, and communal health.

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Opal by Leisure Care

Where you’re seen, heard, and celebrated.

Opal, our signature approach to memory care, celebrates each resident as an individual with research-backed and science-driven care. Here, life stories are shared, relationships are cultivated, and compassionate care guides the everyday.

Memory care
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Travel by Leisure Care

Where adventure finds you everyday.

Adventure is good for the soul, and Travel by Leisure Care (TLC) brings adventures of all kinds to our residents and our residents to adventure of all kinds! From help planning a family reunion to a day trip to honor our veterans to a week-long Alaska cruise with the grandkids, TLC makes it possible.

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