Amenities Fun

fill your social calendar

Not only do we want you to live big and live bold, but we want you to live fun! And since fun means something different for everyone, our communities have staff in charge of social programming who make sure there’s always something fun to do, no matter how you define it. From yoga, brunch, cooking classes, bocce ball, barbecues, golf trips, and wine tastings to chocolate tours, art shows, sporting events, happy hours, karaoke, concerts, movie nights, and more. There’s never a dull moment in a Leisure Care retirement community.

But we don’t stop there. You see, we think it’s fun to give back to the community, too. So you’ll find plenty of opportunities for community outreach, volunteering, fundraisers, intergenerational programs, and mentoring. A lot of our communities also provide continued learning opportunities with local universities.

To see what kind of fun things are happening in a Leisure Care community near you, browse our locations. And check out the current issue of LivFun magazine for a variety of articles on how to do just that: live fun!