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Leisure Care’s Discover Program is a competitive, paid, dynamic senior housing internship and learning opportunity specifically tailored to help you meet your career goals. If you’ve gotten this far, you already know that Leisure Care is a unique company with a distinctive approach to hospitality and senior housing. Leisure Care operates outside the scope of the traditional long-term care sector, offering private pay independent living, assisted living, and memory care services.

Our Senior Housing Internship Program


Experience Senior Hospitality and the endless career opportunities at any one of our many communities.

Take the next step in your career development and see the big picture while working at our home office in downtown Seattle.

Give back and help the community.

Expand your skillset by spending time with and learning from the teams in all aspects of senior hospitality.

Intern with one of our chefs

Career Opportunities

We’re looking for dedicated, eager, and motivated Discover Associates to jump into the day-to-day operations at our world-class retirement communities and to learn the industry from the inside out. If you’re a service-minded, resilient problem solver who enjoys putting smiles on faces, this is the opportunity for you. And we’re just the company that can help you get a feel for an industry that is anything but old school!

There’s no better way to learn about Senior Hospitality than getting a hands-on, immersive experience at any one of our communities. For those that have already been working in the industry and are ready to take that next step in their career development, they may consider applying for an internship with our Home Office in downtown Seattle, WA.

Once you’ve completed the program, there are a number of career opportunities and paths for you to choose from, depending upon your interests. Some of these include:

  • Chef
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Health & Wellness Manager
  • Sales & Marketing Leader
  • Operations Leader
  • Restaurant Manager

And more! If you’ve got a specific career goal in mind, let’s talk about where you see yourself and how the Discover Program can help you get there!

Discover Program Graduate Profiles

Meghna Davidson

Meghna Davidson, SVP Operations

The company offers a platform that can change one’s life no matter what your background might be. If you can bring hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm to the table, the sky is the limit. Additionally, if you want to be surrounded with positive people who want to lift others up, Leisure Care is the company for you. Here, you are inspired to help others grow just as much as you are inspired to grow.

Jamie Bravato

Jamie Bravato, General Manager at Fairwinds – Spokane

I cannot tell you how much I love the culture of Leisure Care and what it stands for. You will never come across another company that cares about the people as much as they do. Simply put, Leisure Care attracts terrific people. When you walk into a Leisure Care community, it’s a different feeling from other communities. The comment I hear often is, “Everyone here seems so happy. You can really tell the residents and staff love being here.” There is so much truth to this comment. I enjoy the chatter and laughter throughout the lobby, and I love that employees are smiling and having fun while doing their job. It truly sets us apart.

Why Work For Leisure Care?

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Everyone who works for Leisure Care possesses the natural desire and instinct to serve others. We hire people based on the core competencies of integrity, trust, teamwork, and initiative, but a sense of humor is integral regardless of background or skill set.

We believe that we should make a positive impact on everyone that we come in contact with every day. This means every colleague, resident, family member, and even the clerk at the grocery store. Our employees don’t wear scrubs or speak in hushed tones. Instead, we’re excited, passionate, playful, and engaging. We want you to laugh, have fun, and truly enjoy your work. We believe that a respectful, enjoyable environment attracts and retains the best kinds of employees.

Curious about where we operate?

  • Q
    Why Work in Senior Hospitality?
  • A
    Roughly 10,000 people retire every day in the U.S. alone!

Why Work In Senior Hospitality?

As the Baby Boomers retire, senior housing is already experiencing growth the likes of which we’ve never seen. And we’re going to need leaders to help lead this charge into the next few decades. If you’re considering a career in hospitality, our industry allows you the opportunity to deliver outstanding customer service, anticipate resident needs, run a dynamic business, implement your vision, and−most importantly−witness the meaningful results that your team’s efforts have brought about. Long story short, you couldn’t pick a better time to become a part of a more rewarding industry!

And becoming a Discover Associate is one of the most effective, comprehensive ways to get your feet wet and assess all the exciting opportunities the senior housing industry has to offer.

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Apply Now For The Discover Internship Program

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