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The Linden at Murrieta is proud to offer PrimeFit Wellness, a holistic health and wellness program exclusive to Leisure Care communities. Based on five core elements: balance, nutrition, physical fitness, brain health, and lifestyle, PrimeFit Wellness is an innovative and comprehensive approach to senior health. Learn how our community provides an abundance of opportunities for our residents to live every day with a whole lotta heart.

Fitness Fun at The Linden at Murrieta Senior Living

The Linden at Murrieta is a senior living community offering independent living, assisted living, and memory care in Murrieta, CA. Our continuum of care allows seniors to stay in our community even as needs change over time. In an effort to keep residents as independent as possible for as long as possible, we prioritize functional fitness and holistic wellness. Engaging in a regular exercise program offered by our PrimeFit program can improve the quality of life for any person, especially for seniors who may be nervous about falling and losing independence.

“Exercise has given me strength, endurance, and balance. It makes me more confident!” – Merriam S., resident at The Linden at Murrieta

Our residents have the opportunity to receive a health assessment from our PrimeFit instructor. The assessment will help residents understand their current health status and set attainable goals and provide a fitness map for seniors to reach those goals.

While each resident will have different needs and an individual plan for success, our PrimeFit program incorporates strength, cardio, and a healthy dose of Five-Star Fun!

Fitness Games

In keeping with our promise of delivering Five-Star Fun every day, our fitness games combine laughter, friendship, and fitness. Two of our most popular games are chair beach volleyball and Wii bowling. Residents enjoy the friendly competition and social interaction while also building dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and reaction times.

“I haven’t laughed that much in years!” – Sharon S., resident at The Linden at Murrieta


As simple as it may seem, walking is one of the best exercises for people of all ages. It’s free, takes as much time as desired, and engages the legs, hips, heart, and lungs. Walking is a full-body workout that can increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs while strengthening the legs and core. In addition to physical benefits, walking can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Leg Strength

At The Linden at Murrieta, we prioritize leg strength to help seniors maintain their balance. The good news is that you can add strength to your exercise routine at any age! Just 2-3 leg exercises per week can dramatically improve leg strength and balance.

“We appreciate the PrimeFit program for making our residents stronger and making our jobs a little easier!” – Sonia, Med Tech at The Linden at Murrieta


Stretching is often overlooked, but it is so essential to maintaining mobility and flexibility. Regular stretching increases mobility and allows residents to continue doing the tasks they love doing. Proper stretching can reduce pain and tension throughout the muscles and improve circulation.

Meet Our PrimeFit Instructor

The Linden at Murrieta is proud to have Mark Severn as our PrimeFit instructor. Known as ‘The Guru of GO!’ Mark has been teaching health and fitness for more than 30 years.

“He explains everything in great detail – how, what, and why. Through his simple instruction, he has taught me more in 4 months than many fitness instructors have over many years.” – Ruth L, resident at The Linden at Murrieta.

He holds numerous nationally accredited certifications in Personal Training and Health Coaching, with specializations in senior fitness, orthopedic fitness, and fitness nutrition. He loves seeing how residents inspire other residents to improve strength, mobility, and overall wellness.

“I see it every day – a new feat of accomplishment followed by smiles and congratulations. The biggest supporters of fitness improvement are the fellow residents.” – Mark S., PrimeFit Instructor

Contact The Linden at Murrieta today to schedule your PrimeFit Wellness assessment! We are now accepting new move-ins in our independent living, assisted living, and memory care community. Start living with a whole lotta heart today at The Linden at Murrieta! 


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Retirement should feel like you’re on a permanent vacation which is exactly why our communities celebrate freedom from obligation, helping you pursue new interests.

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Retirement should feel like you're on a permanent vacation which is exactly why our communities celebrate freedom from obligation, helping you pursue new interests.

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