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Inspiring Wellness at The Linden at Murrieta

Wellness is a way of life at The Linden at Murrieta senior living in Murrieta, CA. Our dedication to wellness encourages residents to set big goals, and our practical approach makes those goals attainable. Learn more about our PrimeFit Wellness program and be inspired by the journey of resident Vince Cole.

mark_vince_ready_5KAt The Linden at Murrieta, we believe it’s never too late to set and exceed your goals. Our PrimeFit Wellness program is centered around five core elements: brain health, physical fitness, balance, nutrition, and lifestyle, to provide a holistic approach to senior health and wellness. From our PrimeFit gym to our scratch-made meals in our onsite restaurant, health is paramount at The Linden at Murrieta.

The Linden at Murrieta is proud to have Mark Severn as our PrimeFit Instructor. He works closely with our residents to set attainable goals and then works with them to achieve those goals. Mark recently worked with The Linden resident Vince Cole to run a 5K.

Vince is 75 years old, battling Parkinson’s Disease, and is legally blind. And, thanks to his commitment and Mark’s encouragement, he just ran his first 5K in more than 40 years. Vince is a resident in The Linden’s assisted living community in Murrieta, California. Running 5Ks and 10Ks was his favorite thing when he was younger, and Vince expressed a desire to do that again. Mark committed to helping him do just that.

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Mark heated a safe and achievable running route around the community with bright red cones to help Vince navigate the course with his limited vision. Vince could see the bright red on sunny days, and they guided him safely for his one-mile walk and job. He ran this route three to four times per week and completed balance and strength exercises in the PrimeFit gym twice a week in the ‘Big and Loud’ class specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s. The ‘Big and Loud’ class encourages all participants to speak or sing loudly to fight the effect of Parkinson’s, which can make one’s voice soft and weak.mark_vince_5K

One month before the 5K, Vince and Mark ran and walked together, and Mark practiced becoming Vince’s eyes, guiding him through voice and touch. Mark ran side by side with Vince, providing support as needed when navigation cues were complex or when tricky turns were approaching.

On the day of the 5K, Mark and Vince were excited for their hard work to pay off. Their goal was only to complete the race with no accidents. They started confident and energized and finished the race together. Vince won the first-place medal for his age group and returned to The Linden at Murrieta as a hero. Our residents were delighted to celebrate Vince, and some even started thinking about setting their own fitness goals!

What fitness goals do you have for retirement? Whatever they are, The Linden at Murrieta is here to help! Our independent living, assisted living, and memory care community now accepts new residents. Contact us today to start your next chapter with a whole lotta heart!

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