Nearly a decade ago, we teamed up with some big brains to introduce the world’s first Brain Fitness Center. Today, we're at it again, partnering with even bigger brains at Rosetta Stone® to introduce Fit Brains, a new and engaging approach to brain fitness that’s super fun and easy to do.

How Does It Work?

We rely on our brains to interpret experience and define who we are. The Fit Brains program was designed by neuroscientists to help you keep your mind healthy, build a stronger brain, concentrate deeper, and enhance your memory. You can actually train your brain in minutes, but it’s so much fun you won’t want to stop.

Our residents have access to more than 40 scientifically backed brain training games with performance tracking tools so they can see how brain fitness is improving over time. Residents can even compare their performance with other users of the same age and gender.

Fit Brains targets the six major areas of the brain, which are

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Speed
  • Visual
  • Language
  • Problem Solving


Expand Your Horizons

Not only does Fit Brains help residents improve brain fitness every day, the program is also readily available for residents who are traveling and looking to learn a new language before a big trip.  We are the only senior living company to partner with Rosetta Stone and offer residents the opportunity to learn a new language through their innovative and proven programs.

Cruising to Italy? Touring French wineries? Holiday in Germany? Don’t worry. We have you covered.

Build Your Life Story

Fit Brains creates a fun and engaging way to improve brain health in a matter of minutes. By stimulating your memory and increasing concentration levels, the program takes a holistic approach to brain health strengthening the ability to learn from memories, make better life decisions, and even increase mood and attitude. The program has been shown to increase attention span and focus.

This is your life. Be present. Learn. Remember. Give Fit Brains a try today.