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Brain training & fitness for seniors

Nearly a decade ago, we teamed up with some big brains to introduce the world’s first Brain Fitness Center. Posit Science Corporation created BrainHQ, a new and engaging approach to brain fitness that’s super fun and easy to do. We are proud to say that we offer BrainHQ at all of our communities. 

How Does It Work?

We rely on our brains to interpret experience and define who we are. The BrainHQ program is the product of 30 years of research in neurological science and related fields of medicine. Designed by an international team of scientists, BrainHQ is meant to help you keep your mind healthy, build a stronger brain, concentrate deeper, and enhance your memory. You can actually train your brain in minutes, but it’s so much fun you won’t want to stop.

Brain HQ has 29 scientifically backed brain training games with performance tracking tools so they can see how brain fitness is improving over time. More than a computer program, BrainHQ is smart and will tailor its program to meet your needs, telling you which exercises to do and in which order. With a personalized trainer feature, BrainHQ will continually evaluate your performance and deliver the exercises you need when you need them. Or, if you choose, you can design your own brain training program and choose the exercises that you want to do, when you want to do them.

BrainHQ targets six major areas of cognition including,

  • Attention
  • Brain speed
  • Memory
  • People skills
  • Navigation
  • Intelligence

Proven Success

More than 100 published scientific papers sing the praises of BrainHQ exercises and assessments. Independently conducted studies from world-renowned institutions like the University of California, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins all show BrainHQ has a positive impact on the lives of users.

Studies have shown that BrainHQ users: 

  • are more self-confident
  • are less likely to develop symptoms of depression
  • are better protected against health decline
  • hear better in noisy environments
  • experience faster neural timing

Additionally, 87% of users demonstrated improved cognitive function.

Build Your Life Story

BrainHQ creates a fun and engaging way to improve brain health in a matter of minutes. By stimulating your memory and increasing concentration levels, the program takes a holistic approach to brain health strengthening the ability to learn from memories, make better life decisions, and even increase mood and attitude. The program has been shown to increase attention span and focus.

This is your life. Be present. Learn. Remember. Contact us to learn more about BrainHQ and the other services and amenities we offer at our communities.