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Signs it’s Time for Senior Living

You may have seen some signs that your aging parent or loved one may need to make a move into senior living. Maybe it’s become clear they are not safe in their home. Maybe they are unable to handle the burdens of homeownership. Maybe they are just a little lonely and you see they could benefit from the strong and true sense belonging our senior living communities offer. Or, maybe you are a family caregiver who is starting to see your loved one needs more care than you can give. Whatever the signs are, you may be wondering if a senior living community is the right move. Should your loved ones move in with you or to a community? Should you pay for an in-home care service? From recognizing that a change in lifestyle is necessary and starting the conversation, to picking the best community and facilitating the moving process, friends and family have some difficult decisions to make, but we have a number of resources that can help.

Many people think it’s their responsibility to take care of their aging parents and loved ones at home, no matter what the cost or burden. But the cost is not theirs alone. The cost can be their loved one’s health and well-being, or their own. When you choose a Leisure Care community, you are choosing a partner in caregiving. We come alongside family caregivers to share the stresses and joys of caregiving. Our expert staff professionally cares for each resident with compassion – freeing up your time to have fun with your loved one, and enjoy all the perks that come with being part of our family. 

Here are some questions to ask when considering moving your loved one into a senior community: 

  • What are their desires and wishes? 
  • Does your loved one seem lonely and like he or she would benefit from time spent with peers?
  • Have they recently fallen?
  • Is medication becoming more complicated and more difficult to manage?
  • Are you stressed?
  • Does the thought of having a partner in your caregiving journey appeal to you?
  • Has your loved one seen a senior living community that excites them? 
  • Does your loved one have opportunities to socialize with people other than you?
  • Have they expressed interest in new hobbies and activities? 

You need to know you are not alone. We are here to make this process not only simple but also fun. Today’s luxurious senior living communities are dynamic and exciting places where seniors thrive. It’s a place where your senior loved one will be welcomed, treated with respect, and will ultimately design a retirement experience centered on them. As a child of one of our residents, you know how they have sacrificed and served you over the years. It’s their time to focus on their own interests and invest in their own personal hobbies, creating the retirement they have worked for day by day.

We are here to help them do just that. Many of our communities offer PrimeFit fitness classes, concierge services, a robust activities and social calendar, and weekly happy hours.The possibilities are endless. It’s time to dive in and experience a life free from yard work, home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning. It’s time to let your loved one have a little five-star fun.

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