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Knowing You’re Ready for Senior Living


Alissa Sauer

If you’re here, you and your family are already considering the benefits of a move to a senior living community. Maybe an adult child has suggested a move. Maybe you’ve noticed the burdens of home ownership are getting harder to manage. Maybe you’re just looking for a little more fun in every day of life. Maybe you are a caregiver that has taken on caregiving responsibilities for a senior loved one but feel that as they age, they may be safer and better cared for in a community environment.

No matter what has led you to us, we are happy you are here.

Searching For a Sign

Despite the attractive lifestyle and convenient services of senior living communities, you and your family might still be asking yourself, “Are we ready?” You’re not alone—many residents and their families start with the same thought in mind, and nearly always confess, “I wish I hadn’t waited so long!” Here are a few signs you’re ready:

  • You feel like your home is too big and too much work.
  • You would enjoy the convenience of not having to cook for yourself.
  • Going to the grocery store feels stressful and burdensome.
  • You see yourself going on adventures, taking fitness classes, relaxing, dining out, having fun, and making new friends.
  • You’d appreciate having a chauffeur drive you to church, the doctor’s office, or grocery store.
  • You want to take advantage of all your city and community has to offer, but don’t want to do it alone.
  • You would feel safer and more confident with the presence of 24-hour staff.
  • You would appreciate a pet care or pet walking service to help care for your furriest family member.
  • It’s getting harder to keep up with mail and bills.
  • You worry about falling or injuring yourself in your home.
  • Activities of daily living, such as dressing and bathing, are growing more difficult.
  • Managing your medications is becoming confusing, and even dangerous.
  • Cooking for yourself feels more stressful than fun, and you have expired food in the fridge.
  • Regularly planned social hours and fun outings with people your age sounds appealing to you.
  • Friends and family members have encouraged you to check out senior living communities.

If you can answer yes or agree to any of these sentiments, it’s time to consider making a move. If you’ve already decided, you may be wondering what’s next. To start, let’s walk through what leads our residents to say goodbye to yard work, home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning and say hello to delicious restaurant-style meals, chauffeur services, planned social hours, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Experience Leisure Care Senior Living

Arbours - MacKenzie Place Retirement Community Colorado Springs

Independent Living and Assisted Living and Memory Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Independent Living in Bothell, Washington

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Independent Living and Assisted Living and Memory Care in Rochester, New York

Leisure Care Senior Living

We are excited to help you embark on your newest adventure and ready to help you find your next home. But, we also know that you are closing an important and lengthy chapter in your life. And, we know how difficult that can be. Throughout the whole senior living search, we promise to be a trusted advisor, friend, and confidant to you and your entire family.

Benefits of choosing a Leisure Care senior living community include,

  • Access to senior-centered fitness programs
  • Carefree housing with home maintenance included in rent
  • Companionship
  • Engaging social calendar with activities and planned outings
  • Transportation services
  • Dining with meal plans designed for senior health and nutrition
  • High-quality assisted living care, if needed
  • Memory care services available, if needed
  • Concierge at your service
  • Access to a travel agency specifically for senior travel

You’re Ready for Senior Living. What now?

You need to know you are not alone. We are here to make this process not only simple but also fun. Today’s luxurious senior living communities are dynamic and exciting places where seniors thrive. It’s a place where you or your senior loved one will be welcomed, treated with respect, and will ultimately design a retirement experience centered on them. If you are the adult child of a senior, you know how they have sacrificed and served you over the years. Now is their time to focus on their own interests and invest in their own personal hobbies, creating the retirement they have worked for day by day.

We are here to help you and your family do just that. Many of our communities offer PrimeFit fitness classes, concierge services, a robust activity and social calendar, and weekly happy hours. The possibilities are endless. It’s time to dive in and experience a life free from yard work, home maintenance, cooking, and cleaning. It’s time to have a little five-star fun.

We would encourage you to check out our communities. Find one in your desired area that offers the services and amenities you are seeking and give them a call. We’d love to show you around and enjoy a meal with you.  Soak it all in – the adventure is just beginning.

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Better with age, exceptional with us! Come and see how Leisure Care communities are helping seniors rediscover (and sometimes reinvent) themselves.

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