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Embracing the Great Outdoors at The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing

The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing senior living is located in the ideal Reed’s Crossing master-planned neighborhood, surrounded by abundant green spaces and parks, which our residents regularly enjoy. Take a closer look at the benefits of being outdoors for older adults and how The Ackerly provides today’s older adults with every opportunity to reimagine and…

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The Vero at Chesapeake Grand Opening Celebration

Today’s older adults aren’t slowing down; they’re just getting started! At The Vero at Chesapeake, the area’s newest senior living community, older adults have every opportunity to discover and find joy and purpose in a new age of senior living. Take a closer look at the benefits of senior living and mark your calendars for…

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Journaling with Joann at Fairwinds – Spokane

Fairwinds – Spokane senior living in Spokane, WA, celebrates the unique skills and interests of residents. Here, older adults have every opportunity to reimagine retirement and reinvigorate lifelong hobbies through signature programming and concierge-level amenities. We listen to our residents and encourage them to pursue and share their passions – and Fairwinds – Spokane resident…

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Long-Term Care Insurance: A Wise Investment for Your Future

At The Ackerly at Sherwood, we choose to focus on the positives of aging while facing its challenges with preparation and pizzaz. Part of facing the challenges of aging is accepting the necessity of long-term care, which includes services like nursing home care, assisted living, and in-home care. These services can be costly, putting a…

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5 Exercises Older Adults Should Do Everyday

For today’s older adults, retirement is not about slowing down. It’s all about just getting started. It’s about embracing a lifestyle that promotes vitality and well-being. Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of this lifestyle, offering a host of benefits that span from improved mobility to enhanced mental health. 5 Daily Exercises for Older Adults…

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The Ackerly at Reed’s Crossing: Pet-Friendly Senior Living

In every stage of life, we can find companionship in the most unexpected places. For many older adults, furry friends become cherished companions, bringing joy, love, and a sense of purpose. The bond between pets and older adults is truly remarkable, and the benefits that come with this connection are numerous, both for mental and…

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