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Six Engaging Blogs for Seniors

Today’s senior generation has been on the front lines of a changing and evolving world – especially when it comes to the use of technology and social media. From a world where social media was unheard of to a world dominated by it, many seniors have adapted to the demands of a new communication method, using social media to stay connected with family, friends, and each other.

6 Engaging Blogs for Seniors

While young adults are the primary users of social media, seniors are using it more than you may think. In fact, 64% of Americans over the age of 50 and 37% of Americans over the age of 65 use social media regularly.

Beyond increasing communication, seniors are using social media to explore different aspects of aging – especially through blogs. From financial planning to parenting adult children, health news, senior travel plans, and even for a humorous perspective on aging, blogs are filling a void for seniors looking to find community, friendship, and advice.

As the baby boomer generation hits their senior years, we are seeing an increasing number of blogs geared towards seniors. These 6 blogs are updated regularly, have a substantial following, and encourage a positive approach to aging:

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1. The Roaming Boomers

Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona but with posts featuring locales all over the world, The Roaming Boomers share their luxury trips and travel tips. David and Carol Porter are The Roaming Boomers and launched the blog to inspire seniors to see the world. Featuring photography and detailed trip itineraries that include restaurant reviews in New York City, planning the perfect picnic in Paris, sailing a Viking River cruise, and everything in between the Roaming Boomers will inspire you travel more.

2. Elder Chicks

The Elder Chicks is a blog run by two senior women, Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleisher. With the subtitle, “Helping each other master the art of a senior life,” the blog does just that. The blog features several guest authors, opinion pieces, life updates, a community form, expert advice on a range of topics, and more, The Elder Chicks is a great place to find community and share your thoughts on a changing world.

3. Grey Fox

David Evans is the author of Grey Fox, a fashion blog for men over 40. Focusing on British brands, Evans insists that older men are a missed opportunity for the fashion industry. Giving honest reviews, the history of brands, and more, Evans makes being fashion-forward an attainable goal for even the most basic t-shirt and jeans man.

4. The Upside to Aging

The Upside to Aging is a blog for caregivers run by Molly Wisniewski, who has been a dementia caregiver for over 10 years. She brings a positive and optimistic side to caregiving while acknowledging the frustrations felt by many dementia caregivers. Complete with caregiving tips, stress management techniques, and dementia caregiving news, The Upside to Aging is a great place for caregivers to find community.

5. Senior Planet

Senior Planet is a blog that “celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude, and helps people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active by bringing a digital-technology focus to a range of topics.” At Senior Planet, no topic is off limit. With topics ranging from news, health, sex, dating, and art, to senior fashion, travel, and entertainment, the site strives to engage seniors and encourage an active lifestyle through age.

6. Bulletin Today

Bulletin Today is a current events and news blog from AARP with a unique spin. The blog takes current events or issues and helps seniors understand how those events can affect their generation specifically. Topics including financial scams, healthy aging, health news, travel tips, and more, a daily or weekly glance at Bulletin Today can help seniors stay engaged with current events and news.

What is your favorite blog for seniors? Share them in the comments below – we’d love to check them out!

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