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Investing in Future Senior Care Leaders at Fairwinds Spokane

Investing in Future Senior Care Leaders Fairwinds - Spokane

Alissa Sauer

Fairwinds Spokane is proud to partner with Washington State University – School of Hospitality Business Management and introduce the upcoming generation of hospitality professions to a retirement experience done right. Learn more about a recent visit the class took to Fairwinds – Spokane and why we are committed to investing in the future of senior care.

Washington State University Students Visit Fairwinds – Spokane

WSU visits Fairwinds - SpokaneFairwinds – Spokane recently had the opportunity to host 35 students from Washington State University – School of Hospitality Business Management. Over the past several years, Leisure Care has been involved in a senior housing class within the school, helping the next generation of industry leaders understand what it takes to create an exceptional senior living space.

The students were greeted by community leaders Holli Korb, Dalton DeLima, Patty Bender, and David McClellen and enjoyed a continental breakfast. They then toured the independent living and assisted living community and one of the apartments before ending in the activity room where other team members shared their career path in senior housing and their experiences working with Leisure Care. The discussion included a question and answer session, creating a dream job vision, an overview of current openings, and tips for getting started in the senior care industry. Clinical Assistant Professor Scott L. Eckstein remarked, 

“Your presentation and tour had a major impact and, believe it or not, shocked the students into a better and more accurate understanding of what senior living is all about as well as how a mission and vision are brought to life. This is why we do the field trip. There’s only so much you can convey in the classroom about what senior living is about now and will be in the future.”

Each student left with a gift bag from Fairwinds – Spokane that showed our appreciation for their time in learning more about Leisure Care senior living.

A Commitment to Raising the Next Generation of Senior Care Leaders

Fairwinds – Spokane and Leisure Care are committed to investing in the next generation of senior care leaders. We know that seniors have a lot to offer society. From their hard-earned wisdom to their humorous antics and unconditional love, we value what each and every resident brings to a Leisure Care community. And, as the next wave of baby boomers prepares to enter senior living, we are indebted to a generation that challenged the status quo, expanded freedoms, and fought to make the world a better place for future generations.

That’s why we invest in students investing in hospitality and senior care. Experts estimate that by 2040, there will be a massive shortage in both paid and unpaid caregivers. In fact, human resources expert and author of “Who Will Care for Us: Long-term Care and the Long-Term Workforce” Paul Osterman estimates that by 2030 there will be a national shortage of 151,000 paid direct care workers and 3.8 million unpaid family caregivers. By 2040, the shortfall is expected to increase: 355,000 paid workers, and the family and friends unpaid caregiving shortfall will be a shocking 11 million.

It’s our responsibility to encourage a younger generation to enter the world of senior living, to care for those who have cared for us. And, we want them to do it right – with compassion, understanding, and a good dose of fun.

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