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Fairwinds – Spokane Residents Reflect on 70 Years of Marriage

Fairwinds Spokane Residents Celebrate 70 Anniversary

Alissa Sauer

Love is in the air at Fairwinds – Spokane as we celebrate a resident couple celebrating 70 years of marriage. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mickey and Howie Vietzke, who recently marked this incredible milestone in their lives. As we listened to their stories and shared in their laughter, we couldn’t help but feel inspired by their enduring love and commitment. Take a closer look into their journey as they share invaluable advice for all couples.

Mickey & Howie at Fairwinds - SpokaneMickey and Howie Vietzke, both born in 1934, have come full circle, finding themselves back in Spokane after a lifetime of experiences and adventures. They first crossed paths in eighth grade, but it wasn’t until their junior year of high school that their friendship blossomed into something more. Spokane holds a special place in their hearts, with memories of lively gatherings at “The Spot,” a downtown empty lot where teenagers would congregate, dance, and let the music transport them. In 1953, just a year after graduating from high school, they exchanged vows and embarked on a lifelong journey together.

Timeless Relationship Advice After 70 Years of Marriage

1. Overcome challenges together.

As we chatted with Mickey and Howie, it became evident that their journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. In those early years, they faced financial challenges that tested their resilience and love for one another. Howie vividly remembered working long hours and taking on additional jobs, a practice known as “moonlighting,” to make ends meet. Despite the difficulties, his message to couples facing similar hardships was simple yet powerful: “Hang in there – you just have to do it.” Their unwavering determination carried them through those tough times, reminding us that challenges are temporary and love endures.

2. Find joy in the simple things.

The Vietzkes also emphasized the importance of finding joy in simple moments and making the most of what they had. Date nights were a luxury they couldn’t afford, but that didn’t dampen their spirits. Instead, they invited friends over, stocked up on drinks, and indulged in game nights. Their resourcefulness and ability to find happiness in each other’s company created cherished memories without straining their budget.

3. Remember that tough times don’t last.

Mickey shared a humbling experience from their early years, a time when money was particularly tight. She recalled standing in a grocery store, realizing she didn’t have enough money to pay for all the essentials she had gathered. In that moment, she felt a sense of humiliation. However, she also recognized it as a temporary season—a reminder that the struggles they faced were not forever. Her wisdom echoes through time, resonating with couples navigating their own financial challenges. It’s crucial to remember that tough times will pass, and together, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Mickey & Howie with their family4. Discover delight.

At Fairwinds – Spokane, Mickey and Howie delight in the blessings of their growing family. Their four children have embarked on their own journeys and have given them the gift of 10 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and even two great-great-grandchildren. Their family visits often and enjoys meals together, creating new memories and reinforcing the love that flows through the generations.

Stop by Fairwinds – Spokane to meet Mickey and Howie and our other incredible residents. Join us for a meal, or schedule your private tour today! Our independent living and assisted living services are here to deliver delight in the everyday! 

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