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’Tis the season for cookies and cakes! MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins residents and staff have been enjoying the season with special treats! Learn more about how MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins residents are celebrating the season and how baking can benefit mental health.

Holiday Baking at MacKenzie PlaceWe know that baking is fun and yields yummy treats, but did you know it can also be good for your mental health? Its simple and often repetitive nature requires focused attention, bringing a calming, meditative quality.

Grounding therapy is a trusted form of therapy in which people intentionally notice the simple things around them. While baking stimulates the senses, it also helps to ground the baker and ease anxious thoughts. Focusing on the feel of the dough, the hum of a blender, the smell of baked goods, and of course, the delicious taste can stimulate senses and produce endorphins that elevate mood.

Additionally, baking is creative. While much of baking is science and following a simple recipe has meditative value, the opportunity to design a cookie or ice a cupcake can be good for our mental health. Experimenting with a recipe and having it succeed can build confidence; taking the extra time to make a beautiful cookie design can calm our minds, focusing intensely on the task at hand.

Lastly, but definitely not least, baking is a way to serve others and make others happy, which boosts our sense of self-worth, confidence, and gives us a sense of purpose.

We’d love for you to join us in the kitchen! Contact MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins independent living, assisted living, and memory care today to learn how our residents are meaningfully connecting with others and participating in purposeful activities that bring joy to themselves and others.


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