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Leisure Care Careers: Investing in Professional Development

GRIT Graduate Cameron Pellegrino from The Landing of North Haven

Alissa Sauer

At Leisure Care, we understand the pivotal role that employee happiness plays in creating thriving communities. It’s a cyclical win-win for everyone – residents, families, and, most importantly, our dedicated employees. We are committed to identifying exceptional individuals eager to grow within our communities, and investing in them as they contribute to the well-being of our residents.

Discover how Leisure Care is prioritizing employee development through our professional programs, and meet our latest GRIT graduate!

Embracing Core Values

For us, core values aren’t just words; they are the guiding principles shaping our everyday operations. Our employees embody these values by:

🌟 Practicing well-being: Holistically caring for ourselves to deliver exceptional care and service.
🌈 Striking a balance: Promoting a “Three-Thirds Lifestyle” – family first, community giving second, and contributing meaningfully at work.
🎉 Having permission to play: Empowering employees to lead autonomously, create positive work environments, and pursue growth opportunities.
🌐 Leaving their mark: Striving to make a positive impact on the community, residents, and colleagues through philanthropy, hospitality, and care.
💡 Breaking the mold: Welcoming creative thinking that leads to innovative solutions and services.

This ensures that our happy, balanced employees bring their best selves to work, leaving a lasting impression and creating an unparalleled senior living experience for our residents.

Nurturing Leadership and Growth through Professional Development

How do we keep our employees happy? Simple – we invest in them. Our resources go into those who go above and beyond for our residents. We actively seek the next generation of leaders in senior living.

Our professional development programs, including Guiding, Recognizing, and Inspiring Talent (GRIT), are designed for standout employees. GRIT, a rigorous program, encourages personal and professional skill development across various aspects of community life. In senior living, where careers are diverse, ranging from hospitality management to healthcare, GRIT empowers employees to focus on areas that resonate with their interests. Divided into freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior courses, GRIT propels employees towards leadership and success in senior living communities.

Meet the Newest GRIT Graduate!

Cameron Pellegrino from The Landing of North Haven is the most recent sophomore GRIT graduate!

Cameron Pellegrino, GRIT Graduate“I started with Leisure Care as a concierge, then transitioned to an activities assistant, and then took on the lead concierge job when it opened up. I have worked here since January of 2020. My favorite part abut my job is seeing and talking with all the residents. We have a great, tight-knit community that feels like a second family to me. Seeing the residents every day truly makes me happiest. The GRIT program has given me more confidence in my job and the tools to better communicate with people. It has also given me the motivation to continue pursuing a career in senior living with Leisure Care. It shows me that hard work pays off and I have something to work towards! – Cameron Pellegrino

Congratulations, Cameron! We can’t wait to see how you positively impact your residents, their families, and the future of senior living in the coming years!

Working in senior living is a great way to know you make a difference while doing the work you love. Leisure Care communities are now hiring in locations throughout the country. If you’re a current Leisure Care employee and want to learn more about our professional development programs, please visit the Signature Programs tab on the HUB.



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