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Memory Care at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins

MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins Memory Care

Alissa Sauer

A dementia diagnosis affects the entire family. That’s why memory care at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins includes care for the whole family. Take a look at how your family can restore balance, reclaim joy, and find rest in the everyday through Opal by Leisure Care®.

Knowing When to Move to Memory Care

Deciding to move a loved one to memory care is a deeply personal decision and different families make different decisions based on their individual situations. There is no wrong time to move a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia to memory care. However, in many cases, it may be easier to move a loved one with dementia earlier rather than later. In the early stages of dementia, your loved one may more easily acclimate to a new community, settle into community life, and feel at home even as the disease progresses.

While there is no bad time to make the move to memory care, there are some telltale signs that it may be time to seek memory care.

1. Feelings of loneliness and isolation

If your loved one spends most of their time alone and has expressed feelings of loneliness, it may be time to consider memory care. MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins offers memory care that celebrates the individual with the strength of true community. We focus on cultivating connections between residents and staff, working through a purpose-driven and flexible schedule that draws residents in and engages their minds, bodies, and spirits.

2. Caregiver fatigue

Caregiver fatigue or exhaustion is very real and it’s nothing to feel guilty about. The weight of caregiving can be detrimental to health, relationships, and finances. We know you promised you’d always be there. With Opal at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, you still can be. Our memory care partners with families and goes above and beyond to include them in community life. Here, we are partners in care. We handle the caregiving so you can get back to what really matters – being their child.

3. Increasing safety concerns

As dementia progresses, it may place your loved one in dangerous situations. If your loved one is prone to wandering, neglecting personal hygiene, not getting adequate nutrition, or otherwise putting themselves at risk, it may be time to move to memory care. Our memory care unit is secured and we have around-the-clock staff available to provide the highest level of care and attention to your loved one.

Celebrating Every Resident at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins

At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, we believe that every resident deserves to be celebrated; to be recognized for their remarkable lives, and to live with purpose and intention – regardless of diagnosis. While our memory care residents share a similar diagnosis, we know that every resident comes to us with a unique life story and unique preferences. We work closely with each resident to understand every resident’s life story and pay attention to their preferences – even as they change with the progression of dementia.

Here, it’s not about what you can’t do. We create an environment that accommodates people with dementia, building their confidence, and bringing joy and purpose to the everyday.

Find the support you need for the support you give at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins memory care. Contact us today to learn more.



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