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Poetry from Bella Villaggio Senior Living


Alissa Sauer

At Bella Villaggio, we encourage our residents to creatively express themselves through writing and journaling. Recently, some of our residents have taken pen to paper to express themselves through poetry. We are proud of our resident poets and hope you enjoy their writings!

Bella Villaggio is a classy name.

It’s scheduled for the Hall of Fame.

The Residents come from far and near,

while staff and management handle our fears,

from the Corona Virus and all of our tears.

I see from my window a beautiful pool,

I wish I had some kind of tool,

to open the gate and jump right in.

Oh my! Is that some kind of sin?

For Bella Villaggio the sun keeps shining, it’s been awhile,

Let’s open the doors to see our smiles.”

– D. Wilks


Everyday we face a new task.

Now the fashion is “Wear a mask.”

Doctors all agree on lockdown.

Stay at home and don’t go uptown.

We may not be birds of a feather,

But we are all in this together.

If we stay on course and maybe pray,

Tomorrow will be a better day!

– B. Kays


I don’t know why the butterflies

Flew against the sky

Way up high

Two at a time

That was fine

I knew they were mine

As they flew past my care

My door was ajar

They put on a show

And did they ever go

There they were

On some flowers for sure

Looking for something sweet

In this heat

To eat

That would be a treat

Flying all around

Without a sound

They landed on my hand

Then they flew away

To go and play

Perhaps I would see them another day.

– Shirley Podolsky

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