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Celebrating Senior Citizens Day at Washington Oakes


Alissa Sauer

Washington Oakes senior living in Everett, WA is proud to celebrate our residents every day. We have seen the tremendous impact senior citizens have on their families, local communities, and within the walls of Washington Oakes. In honor of Senior Citizens Day take a closer look at the impact our residents have had on our staff.

At Washington Oakes independent living and assisted living, we treasure our residents. Today’s generation of seniors is like no other. Their stories have the power to inspire and their wisdom can be life-changing. Working with seniors has changed our lives for the better.

In honor of Senior Citizens Day on August 21, we asked our staff to tell us what it means to them to be working with senior citizens. Here are their responses.

“Working with seniors means the world to me. I love working for them and with them. I have so much fun in my position. I get to take them on rides to the best places and get to experience so much with the best crowd. It’s always a blast.”  – Roz, Bus driver

“I get easily attached to the residents, it’s hard not to. They’re all so great and it feels really good to be able to help them in these uncertain times.” – Brenda, Receptionist

“I love my job. I love that each resident has a different story and they’re all so thankful which makes work so much more gratifying.” – Peggy, Health and Wellness

“I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I have 150 extra grandparents. You develop a different bond with each resident, and it makes work feel like home. We need them as much as they need us. “ – Cheyanne, Move in Coordinator

“I love that with every conversation, you get to learn about actual history. You get a better grasp and understanding when it comes to what’s out in the real world. I get to experience an age group that has answers to questions that not many other people do or know.” – Jazmyn, Receptionist

“Everyone is full of interesting stories. Their stories are mesmerizing, and I could sit and listen to them all day. “ – Gavin, Cook

“I love that all the residents want to get to know you. They show that they care with questions about your life outside of work. They are so genuine and caring. They look forward to seeing us and we look forward to seeing them! Also, their fashion sense is ALWAYS amazing.” – Alexa, Dining Room Server

“These residents have some of the best sense of humor that I have ever experienced.”– Kathy, Bus Driver

“I love so many things. Their wisdom, their uniqueness. No two residents are alike. Their hobbies are all so interesting and I love that they share it with me.” – Seattle, Receptionist

“I have never had a bad day here. Everyone is so loving and kind all the time.”– Bonnie, Housekeeping

At Washington Oakes, we are committed to taking exceptional care of our residents. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and join the Washington Oakes family where we value our residents and empower them to live better than ever!


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