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Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for Treeo Orem senior living, an independent living and assisted living Leisure Care community.

“I just wanted to thank you again for all that you and your team are doing. Mom has shared with me each day the fun things you are doing that lift their spirits so much! Yesterday’s music outside lifted them and being able to exercise again outside is such a blessing! My husband and I and my siblings feel like Treeo was a gift from the Lord. Thank you to all for tenderly serving them!” –Jim P., family member of a resident

“I sure appreciate all our staff here at Treeo Orem! They bring our food cheerfully to us, morning and night. I feel safe here because of their cleanliness and locking doors to protect us. I tell many of my friends to sell their homes and move to Treeo! Thanks to all working here at Treeo.” – DonaLe H., resident

“We really wanted all of you to know how we appreciate all you’ve done to protect us during this time. We have often commented on how safe we feel in our little cocoon (our apartment)! We know you’ve had to work extra hard during this time and we don’t take your efforts for granted.” -The Robinsons, residents

“Thank you for all you do for us. We appreciate your friendliness and patience with us. Plus, a special thanks to the kitchen staff for their wonderful meals and kind service. The servers are great, so sweet, and patient with us. Thank you for everyone for all you do for us.” – Joan C., resident

“I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for all that you and your staff are doing to protect our loved ones. I, for one, have been so impressed at how well you and your staff have developed and executed all the necessary changes. From the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing, your work is priceless.” – Hester H., family member of a resident

“To the staff and wonderful helpers that have been coming to our rooms daily, I just want to say “thank you” it has been a really nice experience. I just feel love for every one of you. You all have been so sweet and pleasant, it just leaves such a warm feeling in my heart when you leave. Today I was standing at the door and heard some singing. I asked who was singing, so I got my version of “Happy Friday” also. That was so sweet! It left me feeling such love for you all! Thank you! We have really been looked after and have been treated so nicely. I feel as though I am getting to know you all as very special friends. Again, thanks and much love.” – Martha S., resident

“Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am for you and the many ways you are helping those of us in Treeo to be safe and to have a very enjoyable experience. You continually bless us. I am very glad I live here. There are better days ahead and we’ll be well enough to enjoy them!” – Kay D., resident

“Treeo is absolutely the best place we have seen. We hope at some point we will be able to join your “family” and partake of the engaging atmosphere you give your guests.” – Curt and Shirley I., guests of Treeo Orem


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