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Holiday Letter from Dan Madsen

Leisure Care Operations Team

Alissa Sauer

To Our Leisure Care Family,

The holidays are upon us and it is fair to say that this year has demanded so much more of us than we ever expected. Though this past year has brought great trials, it has also brought a renewed sense of community in our Leisure Care family.

We are a resilient team, deeply committed to doing the right thing, and have always remained committed to that promise.

We are proud of you, our dedicated employees, for adapting so well. We are also incredibly grateful to our residents and their families who have continued to trust us and stood by us as we navigated uncharted waters.

It would be easy to dwell on the challenges of 2020, but we have never been a company that does the easy thing. We do the right thing. And so, while we acknowledge the obstacles of 2020 and the loss of our usual way of life, we feel incredibly grateful for all your confidence in us this year.

Our communities are powerful centers of support and encouragement and 2020 highlighted how we harness the power of togetherness. As we all changed daily routines quickly, our employees and our residents came together in new and creative ways, demonstrating that we can overcome any obstacles when we work as a team. 2020 was not easy, but we are thankful for the lessons learned and the chance to reevaluate and reset our priorities.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for trusting us, for standing by us, and cheering us on during a difficult time.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful holiday season,

Dan Madsen, CEO, Leisure Care

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