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Fairwinds West Hills Reviews

Leisure Care Community Reviews Page

Alissa Sauer

Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for Fairwinds West Hills senior living, a Leisure Care community.

“You are superheroes with a smile and I long ago discovered you have the key to everything, including my misplaced keys! Bernard (my Yorkie) joins me in thanking you and wishing you much success, joy, and good health!” – Jo G.

You guys are remarkable at keeping us safe and well-fed!” – Bea G.

“Our thanks should go to the entire Fairwinds staff! From management and the front desk to cooks, servers, housekeeping, maintenance, activities directors, and medical staff, for having been able to create an almost perfect “bubble” for all Fairwinds residents to be and stay safe, secure, and as healthy as possible during the pandemic!” -Peter H.

“There is not just one day or a million words to be able to say how much I love all the staff at Fairwinds. They are hardworking, caring, loving, patient, thoughtful, understanding, and kind. The staff cares and does their job with a loving and caring attitude and always with a smile. Love is contagious!”–Arlene G., resident

“You have done a great job in keeping us safe. I tell everyone how glad I am here.”–Gerry M., resident

“Thank you for waiting on me and hanging in there through these trying times. Special recognition to Skyler, who flies to our rescue with exercise, and Carrie, who always brightens my day with games and wine.”–Edith W., resident

“The whole staff is outstanding! It’s hard to pick one over the other. Special thanks to the front desk for helping us. We appreciate everyone. We picked the right place!”–Beverly and Burt G., residents

“Special is the right word to describe the Fairwinds staff. They have been so good to us since we first arrived. All of them have gone out of their way, at one time or another, to make sure we have what we needed or wanted. Kudos to Elvis for the way you run such a wonderful ship!”–Luanne H., resident

“I cannot say enough how wonderful our staff is. There is always someone around to comfort me. I consider myself how lucky I am to be here. All I do is brag about all the staff to my family and friends. They are my heroes. This includes Elvis!”–Ann G., resident

“WOW, it has been 5 years for me to observe and admire your staff. Where did you find them? All of them are admiring, amazing, and ready to help with anything with a smile and kind words. No matter what I ask they are ready to do it. They are so encouraging and I always thank God for them. I’m lucky to be living here and enjoy this beautiful place. It’s a dream come true to see the whole staff working together.”–Marie G.

“Everything you have put in place at Fairwinds has been for the safety of the residents and staff and I wanted to send you an email and thank you for keeping everyone safe.” –Tim S., a family member of a resident

“You’re kind and caring and wanted a job helping people. You’re fun and creative, and love throwing a party. You’re a wiz in the kitchen and can make a meal for many still feel special. I go to bed at night knowing my sweet mother is in good hands, and that she’ll be there, happy and chatty when I call her in the morning. I don’t know that I could do what you’re doing, and you do it with grace, good cheer, and no small amount of courage. You are remarkable people, every one of you.” –Cyndi H., family member of a resident

“Giant heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the heroes at The Fairwinds who take such good care of our treasured loved ones. You guys are the best and we appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts!” –Dave C. and Candy M., family members of a resident

“On behalf of our mother and grandmother, we wish to express our heartfelt thank you and gratitude for the outstanding care you have provided her. Your dedication and compassion are beyond what anyone could have expected. A special thank you to the front desk staff they continue to be kind, patient, and so incredibly helpful. A very special thank you to all the caregivers. We thank you for your compassion, hard work, and caring for grandma and her lovely dog Bernard.” –The Carrolls and the Gordons, family members of a resident

“We just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone at Fairwinds for taking such good care of all the residents. We want to send a special thank you to everyone there taking care of our mom. Thank you for showing up and making these days the best you can for everyone. It is wonderful to know that since we can’t be there to visit, you are all there with a smile every day. You are all heroes to us.” –Patricia & Karen, family members of a resident

“Words are not enough to express the gratitude my family feels for the genuine concern and care that is shown by each one of you to the residents at Fairwinds West Hills. It is truly unique! Thank you for the wonderful care and attention you provide to our father. We are fortunate he is a resident at Fairwinds. It is always a pleasant experience to come here to visit our father as the staff is very warm and welcoming.” –The family of a resident

“Thanks for doing such a great job to the entire staff these last couple of very trying difficult months. We all appreciate the dedication and compassion.” –Glenn C., family member of a resident

“Thank you for your updates and excellent care at Fairwinds. I feel very comfortable that my mother is being looked after.” –Karen W., family member of a resident

“We’re so grateful to all of you! What a fantastic job you’re doing keeping our loved ones safe! We appreciate you!” –Sharon R., family member of a resident

I want to thank you and everyone at Fairwinds for all you’ve done to protect my mother and all the residents. I was able to visit with my mother the Saturday before Mother’s Day by talking through a window screen, and it was really special. Many thanks for making that accommodation so we could see each other.– Teri M., family member of a resident

You and your staff truly are heroes. I don’t know how you do what you do, but I am so grateful that you do it. Thank you for keeping my mom, your other residents, and your staff safe and happy and cared for. You are literally life-savers. A thousand thanks, for everything.– Cyndi H., family member of a resident

Thank you so much for everything that you and the staff have done for my mom and the residents at Fairwinds. I feel so blessed that she is part of the community and truly cared about like she is your family too.– Sue S., family member of a resident

You and your staff are doing an amazing job. I feel so at ease knowing mom is safe and comfortable. Thank you and everyone at Fairwinds for being so caring.– Jane H., family member of a resident

You and your team have been wonderful for my mother. If she was not in your care, I would not have been able to keep her away from potential virus situations. I know she is not always in the best mood, and your staff has been kind and helpful to her. – Kim K., family member of a resident

You guys are the best! We talk to our mom every night and she is so happy and so well cared for. The meditations, the safe visits with friends, the great food, the medical room peeps. The caution and care far surpass anywhere we know.– Darcy, family member of a resident

You and your staff are an exceptional group of people. Not only do you perform your jobs well but with so much love and kindness to all of your residents.– Kimberly H., family member of a resident

Knowing that you are all taking the necessary steps needed to help keep everyone safe is comforting and helps me sleep at night. I know this has been a difficult road to navigate and it has turned everyone’s’ world upside down. I just wanted you to know that you are all appreciated! – Stephanie T., family member of a resident

Our family wants to thank you for the loving care you are giving our mother. She tells us everyone is working so hard, filling in for one another. We know she is safer with you than anywhere else.– Debbie M., family member of a resident

“You are all doing such an amazing job. I feel like my mother is safe there, and that gives me such peace of mind. Thank you all so much. You are true heroes.– Cyndi H., family member of a resident

Thank you for all the updates you are providing. You and your staff are doing an amazing job under such difficult circumstances. We appreciate everything the Fairwinds is doing and pray the staff and the residents stay healthy.– Wendy C., family member of a resident

You guys are handling things so amazingly. Your staff has gone above and beyond to be careful, playful, fun, and loving, just know this does not go unnoticed. My mom feels so well cared for and safe.– Darcy L., family member of a resident

I cannot thank you all enough for taking such good care of my Mom.– Diane P., family member of a resident

All family members should be kissing the ground you all walk on. You are all angels doing God’s work.– Sara M., family member of a resident

My sisters, who are both nurses, and I are extremely happy with the utmost care, concern, and caution that our parents are receiving at Fairwinds West Hills during this unprecedented time. The entire staff has been so proactive in keeping all the residents healthy and happy since the earliest days of the virus. Although it’s been challenging for all of us not to be able to visit them, we know they are in the best place possible.– family member of a resident


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