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Fall Prevention at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins


Alissa Sauer

Leisure Care communities, like Mackenzie Place – Fort Collins, are vibrant and active communities where seniors live life to the fullest. With fun ways to stay active and healthy, MacKenzie Place is helping seniors to avoid common pitfalls of aging, like falls. Falls are common and costly among seniors, with nearly one in four seniors falling every year. The good news is that falls are preventable and do not have to be an inevitable part of aging. Learn more about fall prevention and how residents at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins stay active to help prevent falls.

How to Prevent Falls in Seniors

As we continue to learn more about what it means to live well at all ages, we need to be aware of the threats posed in each life stage. Unfortunately, there’s no question that seniors are at an increased risk of falling. More likely to experience chronic health conditions, physical impairments, and unsafe levels of independence, seniors are more prone to falls than younger generations. This creates an unhealthy cycle that leads to hospitalizations, more health concerns, and a fear of falling that often repeats itself. The best way to stop this cycle is to stop it from ever happening in the first place. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent falls from ever happening.

These simple and effective tips can help prevent falls in and around your home.

  • Wear shoes with nonskid soles
  • Be sure your home has proper lighting
  • Use nightlights in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Remove throw rugs or be sure they are fastened with carpet tape
  • Put away electrical cords, so they are not a trip hazard
  • Install grab bars in shower and bathroom
  • Avoid climbing on stools or stepladders
  • Do not wax floors
  • Have hearing and eyesight checked regularly
  • Seek medical help if you feel dizzy or unbalanced
  • Stand slowly to give your body to adjust
  • Get regular exercise
  • Add strength training to your fitness routine
  • Limit alcohol intake

Recovering from a Fall

As much as we can to prevent falls, they happen – and at an alarming rate. If you or a loved one has fallen, there are things you can do to recover and prevent them from happening in the future.

After recovering from a fall, low-impact, low-intensity activities like walking can help you restart a physical exercise routine. Eye exams, balance exercises, and a strength training routine can help seniors get confidently back on their feet.

PrimeFit Wellness and Fall Prevention

Staying active and building strength is one of the most effective ways to prevent falls. At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, residents in our independent living, assisted living, and memory care community enjoy a holistic approach to health through our PrimeFit Wellness program. By ensuring our residents have access to nutritious meals that fuel their bodies, fitness classes that energize their movement, balance exercises that build confidence, and cognitive strength-building games that are effective (and fun!), our residents develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Contact MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins today to learn more about our holistic approach to senior living. Your next chapter is waiting!


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