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Planning for Your Financial Future with Treeo South Ogden


Alissa Sauer

Moving to Treeo South Ogden is exciting as residents and their families prepare for a new chapter. It’s also one that comes with a lot of changes, and we are here to help you navigate each and every one of them. Learn how our resources can help you prepare for your financial future. 

Financial health is a crucial part of overall wellness. As you adjust to this new chapter, there may be many financial changes and financial considerations that need your attention. From estate planning, trusts, wills, tax planning, future financial planning, avoiding financial scams, and even finding a new health insurance plan, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! You can start by thinking through these financial issues and then plan on attending Treeo South Ogden’s Learn & Learn about financial planning on July 8.

Do you have a financial advocate?

A financial advocate is someone whom you trust to help protect your money. Usually a family member or friend, this person should be bonded and insured with oversight. They can assist with major financial responsibilities, including managing daily finances, navigating health insurance policies, and managing investments and other sources of income for retirement.

Do you have a financial plan?

A financial plan can give you foresight into the future, helping you understand your budget in retirement.

Do you have an accessible list of all accounts?

It may be a good idea to put together a list of all your financial assets, account information, and people designated as beneficiaries of those accounts. Include your financial advisor’s contact information, if you have one.

Do you have an estate plan?

An estate plan may include a will or trust. Clearly communicate to your executor where the will is, how they can access it, and consider hiring an estate attorney.

You’re invited to join Treeo South Ogden in our independent living and assisted living community as we discuss these issues and more at our upcoming Lunch & Learn on July 8. Susie Nelson, the author of “Finishing Well” will be leading the conversation as we enjoy lunch and discuss everything you need to launch your next chapter well! Contact us today to reserve your spot! 


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