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February Fitness Frenzy at Fairwinds – Brighton Court


Alissa Sauer

At Fairwinds – Brighton Court senior living residents are encouraged to stay physically active through a variety of PrimeFit senior fitness programs. Learn more about PrimeFit and how Fairwinds – Brighton Court residents exceeding their fitness goals while contributing to local charities.

Fairwinds – Brighton Court Fosters a Culture of Wellness

At Fairwinds – Brighton Court, we know it’s more important than ever for residents to stay physically active and socially engaged. The past year has led us to think outside of the box to cultivate creative activities that keep residents connected while implementing health protocols that exceed CDC guidelines.

We work to foster a culture of holistic fitness. Residents embrace the opportunity to take a group exercise class, book a session with a personal trainer, or spend some time in our gym.

Resident Renate Fronckevics said that moving to Fairwinds- Brighton Court helped her rethink what it means to age well. Before moving here, she thought she could sit on the couch, eat, and do whatever she wanted in this stage of life. She said, “But when I moved here, everyone was asking how far I had walked today!” Renate regularly walks the perimeter of the building now and uses the bike in our community fitness center.

Our trainers go above and beyond, doing what it takes to help our residents fall in love with taking care of themselves. Libby Kim, Fairwinds – Brighton Court’s PrimeFit trainer, worked with a reluctant resident when she discovered he loved Elvis’ music. When she turned on the music, she saw his face light up. Now, dancing to Elvis and Frank Sinatra is part of their workout!

Where Fitness Meets Five-Star Fun

Every February, Leisure Care communities across the country come together to get active and raise money for a good cause. The annual event is part of our commitment to the Three-Thirds Lifestyle, where we prioritize family, giving back to the community, and meaningfully contributing to the workplace.

Residents have a goal of 30 minutes of physical activity a day and earn money from pledges for active minutes. Proceeds benefit the One Eighty Foundation and local charities.

If you or a loved one are considering a move to senior living, now is the time! Fairwinds – Brighton Court is now accepting new residents in independent living and assisted living. Contact us today to schedule a tour and join the Five-Star Fun!


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