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At Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch independent living and assisted living, health and wellness are a priority. It’s more than something we say; it’s something we live every day. For resident Elsa Cox, moving to Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch was a second chance at healthy living. Learn more about her story and how our PrimeFit wellness program plays an integral role in the health and wellness of residents.

Before Elsa Cox was a resident at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch senior living in Oceanview, she suffered a fall and injured her right side. The injury kept her from driving for three months. Since moving to Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch, she has been taking exercise classes, focusing on her physical health. She believes this focus has helped her recovery. In fact, one of her doctors recently noted that her bone scan had improved and was in better condition than a previous scan two years ago.

“Work towards achieving a goal you set. Get good at walking first, then progress to more difficult movements.” – Elsa C., Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch resident

Elsa inspires us and other residents to prioritize our health, showing that commitment to even small daily habits can have a major impact.

There are many ways to stay active at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch. Our community sponsors a Silver Sneakers class, and we have professionally trained personal trainers available for group classes and individual training. We offer a range of exercises that challenge the mind and the body. In addition to PrimeFit and Silver Sneakers, our residents enjoy access to BrainHQ by Posit Science, a personalized cognitive training program. Our team works with each resident to set attainable and realistic goals that encourage each resident to continue their fitness journey, with small changes adding up to a big lifestyle change.

You can live better than ever. Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch can help. Contact Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch to learn more about our senior living community and schedule your in-person tour today!


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