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Finding Primary Care at Heritage Estates

Finding Primary Care at Heritage Estates

Alissa Sauer

When it comes to retirement, managing your health is paramount. Heritage Estates senior living knows how important it is to find a primary care physician that can meet your needs and how being near world-class medical facilities can bring peace of mind in retirement. Learn more about how our independent living and assisted living community can help residents choose a primary care physician and how our ideal location near renowned medical centers brings confidence to our residents and their families.

No question moving into a retirement community can bring many exciting changes. There are a lot of new activities to explore and new people to meet, not to mention securing high-quality health care services that will empower you to make the most of every day of retirement. One of the most crucial tasks when moving is finding a primary care physician who will not only be convenient to your new location but can meet your needs as they change.

5 Tips for Finding a Primary Care Physician in Senior Living

When it comes to choosing a primary care physician, there are a few essential things to consider.

1. Find a primary care physician who is geographically close to your new location.

Even the best primary care physician will not be a good fit for you if they are too far away. Your new primary care physician should be located near your new home so that visits are convenient. Heritage Estates provides regularly scheduled transportation to nearby medical appointments. Our convenient location to Stanford Heath and Kaiser Permanente gives residents access to a range of healthcare providers just a few minutes from their front doors.

2. Search for a primary care physician who understands your changing health needs.

With a new stage in life comes unique medical needs. From your childhood pediatrician to now, you have prioritized finding a doctor who excels in, well, you. Retirement should be no different. Take the time to find a primary care physician who understands your new chapter and can guide you through it with care, compassion, and encouragement.

3. Be sure your insurance covers your preferred primary care physician.

Before scheduling an appointment, be sure your insurance covers your physician. Your doctor’s office should be able to tell you if they are in-network, or you can call your medical insurance provider to check for in-network doctors.

4. Confirm logistics with your physician’s office.

Call the office and ask basic logistics questions. How does the office refill prescriptions? What is the process for getting an appointment? Are virtual appointments an option? Can you schedule a same-day visit? What is the missed visit policy? How will they let you know about your lab and tests results? These may seem like minor issues but taken cumulatively, they can make a big difference in your medical experience.

5. Conduct a visit!

Finally, ask the office if you can come in to meet your potential new doctor. Take note of how you feel around the doctor and if the doctor answers all your questions in a way you understand. Trust your instincts and ask hard questions. Remember that this person will play a significant role in your healthcare for years to come.

Heritage Estates residents have access to an onsite health services company, Pine Park Health, to provide primary care services for residents. Pine Park Health has clinicians onsite at Heritage Estates who conduct regular check-ins, make house calls in your residence, and can respond to an urgent need quickly. With no transportation concerns, their medical team is available for what you need, when you need it.

Contact Heritage Estates today to learn more about our onsite care services. Your next chapter is waiting here.


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