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10 Ways Life Gets Better with Age


Alissa Sauer

“Do not regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many” – Unknown

At Leisure Care and every one of our communities across the country, we celebrate aging. Like the quote above, we know that life is a treasure and aging is a privilege denied to too many. We celebrate the lives of our residents by getting to know each and every one, recognizing their life story as a crucial part of our own history and knowing that aging is something to be valued, not something to be feared.

10 Things No One Tells You About Aging

With respect and admiration for seniors, we have compiled 10 great things about life that come only with age.

1. You have more confidence

As you age, you begin to understand that you are stronger than you ever realized. You have lived through tough times and have learned tough lessons. You know you have the strength and tools to get through whatever comes your way, giving you more confidence to make decisions.

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2. You are slower to judge

Life has taught you that everyone has their story. No one has a perfect life and people have fought battles that you know nothing about – just like you have fought battles no one knows about. This realization means you are slower to judge others, accepting them where they are and as they are.

3. You can be silly again

Because of your growing confidence and greater understanding, you care less about what people think. You can be silly, letting your inner child out as you take on a new hobby, travel with friends, or even start a new career. Aging frees you to take chances you would have never taken as a younger adult.

4. You value experiences over things

As you age, less is definitely more. Aging may lead you to a move into a senior community or bring you more travel, both of which can require packing light. As you navigate retirement and aging, you begin to value time with family and friends, traveling, and experiencing life more than material objects. You realize what brings you true happiness – and chances are it’s not your possessions.

5. Your children become your friends.

It may be hard to imagine now but your children will become your friends – and it’s a beautiful friendship. No one tells you on those hard days of parenting that your children will one day come back home with their own families, their own dreams, and goals, and you can be their friend in a way you have not been able to ever before.

6. You let go of things you cannot change

Life has taught you that you can not control everything. You learn that unsolicited advice is sometimes unwelcome advice and you learn to let go of the things you can not change. You know you are not responsible for the actions of others and focus on your own responses and reactions to the world.

7. You wear your wrinkles with pride

The billion-dollar beauty industry does not want you to believe this, but as you age, your wrinkles become earned badges and not something to be hidden with creams and serums. Your wrinkles are from nights of laughter with good friends, furrowed brows over making big decisions with a spouse, worrying over the well-being of a child. Your wrinkles are hard-earned memories and you don’t want to erase them.

8. You respect your parents unconditionally

You can understand our parents more as you age, leading to more respect and an evolving relationship. You understand some of the parenting decisions they made as you make your own. Walking in their own footsteps and seeing the world as an adult changes the relationship between parent and child, hopefully leading to more love and respect.

9. Grandchildren

Enough said.

10. You are thankful for the opportunity to grow old

You have seen enough life to know tomorrow is not promised so you make the most of every day. You are more willing to let go of the things that don’t matter while clinging more tightly to the things (and people) that do.

What are your favorite things about growing older? Share them with us in the comments below.

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