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MacKenzie Place Colorado Springs Reviews


Alissa Sauer

Read reviews and testimonials from residents and family members for MacKenzie Place Colorado Springs senior living, an independent living, assisted living, and memory care Leisure Care community.

“We are grateful for the relationship we have with you and the dear folks that make up Mackenzie Place. This is another moment where you have exceeded our expectations.” –Dave, family member of a resident

“As always, you guys rock, and we the family are eternally grateful to know mom and dad are in such capable and caring hands. ” –Kathy C., family member of a resident

“Thanks for the continued updates! Another comment mom has made to me is that the communication is excellent. That is so important in keeping the residents calm. Mom says she feels safe.” –Michelle W., family member of a resident

“You are our “HEROES”! We cannot thank you enough-working so hard to keep us safe and fed.” –David & Sharon O., residents

“The staff at MacKenzie Place has been incredible. Attention to safety is a given and your record is proof that you have taken it very seriously. Delivering snacks, visits during employee breaks, the Mothers’ Day parade and so many “above and beyond” efforts have added extra joy. As I mentioned this morning, she has really done well. I give you all the credit. Thanks!” –Cay, family member of a resident

“I would like to share with you, the first time I visited MacKenzie Place and visited along with a tour, I was impressed immediately! Your staff has worked so hard; their passion, caring, friendliness, and love show the pride they have as employees. This in itself I commend every one of you for the safety and well being of your residents and staff.” –Susan P., family member of a resident

“I have spoken with my mother, and she feels like they are in the best possible place! Keep up the good work.” – Mark B., family member of a resident

“Thanks for taking such good care of all the residents including our mom. It is very comforting to see you and your team’s efforts in this tough situation.” – Mark K., family member of a resident

“Thanks for the continued updates! Another comment mom has made to me is that the communication is excellent.” – Michelle W., family member of a resident

“I can’t thank you enough for sending out the updates. I know a lot of the residents have family close by, but in our case, I am the only child and live out of state. Although I have increased the frequency of my calls to mother, it is comforting to my family to receive these updates from the company, with the personal touch you add. Again thank you for the extra effort during these trying times.” – Rob K., family member of a resident

I cannot thank you enough for all you did to ensure such a wonderful and fun Mother’s Day celebration and so many surprises!! How did you think of so many ways to make us mothers feel so special? From early morning’s cupcake and mimosas, then flowers and something to make us feel so sparkly, the suncatcher, the gift certificate, and then the festive parade with balloons. Family signs, horns, and hand made cards of good wishes. I’ve been lucky to have had many various Mother’s Day celebrations, but this one stands out as the one I won’t ever forget! And I’ll have my suncatcher as a reminder always.– S., resident

I just want you to know I appreciate your efforts to keep us healthy and happy. You are doing a great job– Mary L., family member of a resident

Thank you for your excellent care and service.– Nancy, resident

“Thank you to the entire staff for their commitment during this unprecedented time”– The Alzheimers Association

Thank you for making our Easter special. We enjoyed the happy faces and bunny ears. The treat bags and staff cards were also appreciated. Thanks for everything.” – Liz, resident

Thank you for making the past weeks special. You all went above what you needed to do making a special Easter for us– Glorine, resident

We wanted to thank everyone in management for taking such good care of us. It is an unbelievable job, going down roads not traveled. We thank you!– David & Sharon, residents

You all are thoughtful, kind, and true, And our words of thanks go out to you. With God’s help, this will pass on, We’ll cheer with joy because it’s gone. The car parade, we liked a lot, With a honk of a horn, a lesson was taught. Hold up your heads, stay wearing your masks. Warm blessings to all who stick with the task.– resident

“Thank you to all the MacKenzie Place staff and community for ‘packing my parachute.’ We will make it! Keep smiling and be kind to everyone. Much can be achieved when we pull together.”– resident

“To the MacKenzie Place Staff, thank you for keeping us safe and Healthy”– Vi, resident

The bag of goodies you left on my doorstep was such a thoughtful gift and thing to do at this crazy time. May you all be blessed and your workdays pleasant and short.” – Joan, resident

“Kristi, MacKenzie Place, under your leadership, goes above and beyond!Lillian A., family member of a resident

Thank you for everything you and the Mackenzie Place staff are doing to safeguard our seniors and my Mom. Our family is beyond grateful to all of you. – Amy, resident

We want to thank you and the team for taking good care of us! The food is very good and is brought to us by a friendly group of servers! We enjoyed the exercises that the staff helped us with while we were on our deck.– Mel & Elise, residents

We LOVE that you did exercises in the hall AND posted pictures. It made mom happy! – Michelle W., family member of a resident

“You and your staff are awesome, and we have every confidence my parents are being well cared for. Kudos to you, and thank you for all your efforts to keep everyone safe.”– Jack & Terry, residents

As always, you guys ROCK, and we the family are eternally grateful to know mom and dad are in such capable and caring hands.– Mark B., family member of a resident

“We want to thank the staff and all of the employees for their dedication to keep us healthy and happy.– resident




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