MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins Archery Outing


At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, our staff and residents live by the Five-Star Fun principle. Fun is one of our core values and we always look for ways to inspire fun in the lives of our residents. Learn more about how we lived out our commitment to Five-Star Fun with a trip to a local archery range.

Archery Outing Mackenzie Place

Residents recently took a trip to Rocky Mountain Archery, an indoor range just across the street from our community. Our General Manager has a passion for archery and wanted to share her love of the sport with our residents.

The residents truly enjoyed “taking a shot” at something new and different, while others enjoyed reliving their Boymackenzie-place-fort-collins-archery Scout days. Residents had a lot of fun and plan on going back – one even bought a bow to go back on his own time!

We truly enjoy having fun with our residents. Our monthly activity calendar offers a wide range of activities and events to engage residents mentally and physically, while also cultivating new friendships and meaningful connections.

Stop by today to see how MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins can help you live Five-Star Fun!

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