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Gifts for Seniors in Senior Living


Alissa Sauer

Holiday shopping is in full swing! If your senior loved one is in a senior living community, giving the perfect gift can be challenging. You have probably spent a lot of time downsizing and getting rid of material possessions. Maybe you’ve just had an estate sale and buying more things just seems counterintuitive. Whatever the reason, it can be hard to find the perfect gift that shows how much you care.

That’s why we have created a holiday gift guide for seniors in senior living. These gifts are thoughtful, meaningful, and creative.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors in Senior Living

1.Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are a great way to keep your loved one’s apartment home updated with new pictures. Pictures are able to be imported electronically or emailed to the photo frame so that you can surprise your loved one with new photos as often as you see fit. It’s a great way to keep loved ones who live far away involved and updated on your day-to-day.

2. Photobook

This is a great way to commemorate a special year. Maybe you took a fun trip this year with your senior loved one. Or, maybe you had a huge family reunion. Whatever it is, make a photo book of the experience. It will make a great coffee table book and is a great conversation piece for new friends that come over.

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3. Custom playlist

Make a custom playlist for your loved one and put it on a smartphone or tablet so that he or she can listen whenever. Put songs on it that will take them back to a specific place and time or adding that special song that the two of you have will make the playlist meaningful.

4. Adult coloring books

Coloring books aren’t just for children anymore! Adult coloring books are more detailed than children’s and have smaller spaces. They have been shown to be calming and reduce anxiety. Pair a coloring book with a nice set of colored pencils and markers. Offer to join your loved one for an afternoon of coloring and relaxing together.

5. Gift cards for salon services

If your mother or grandmother never misses her monthly hair and nail appointment, gift her with a salon service. Go to her favorite salon (which may be in her senior living community!) and ask about giving a gift card – or make an appointment for the two of you to go together.

6. Weighted blankets

While primarily marketed towards children with anxiety, ADD, or ADHD, weighted blankets are a useful tool for most people. They have been shown to reduce anxiety and relieve stress and are also great for anyone who has trouble sleeping or just wants to feel more relaxed.

7.  Tablet

A tablet is a great gift for a senior loved one. It doesn’t take up much space, is easy to use, and with video calling, text messaging, and games it’s a great way to keep your senior loved one connected and engaged. Grandpad is a tablet specifically designed for seniors and makes the apps that seniors love readily accessible in a safe manner but most tablets can be customized to meet your family’s specific needs.

8. “Coupon” book

A coupon book is a great idea for a grandparent from a younger child. Make a coupon book offering personal time and experiences together. For example, a coupon for a game night, a dinner together, a hug and kiss – fun things that your family can do together. Your senior loved one can then “cash” in on those coupons throughout the year.

9. Jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles are a great gift that are fun, engaging, and something you can work on together. Choose a pretty landscape or create a photo puzzle of your family. Set the puzzle up in a large workspace and work on it each time you visit.

10.  Your time

Remember what the season is all about – spending time together with each other. Commit to visiting more often, or having dinner together weekly – whatever you decide, enjoy the presence of your loved ones this season.

What are you getting the seniors on your list this year? Share your gift ideas with us in the comments below!

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