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Celebrating 70 Years of Marriage at MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs

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Alissa Sauer

MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs loves celebrating love! We recently celebrated the 70th wedding anniversary of two of our residents, Don and LeRane Good. Learn more and be inspired by their love story!

Don and LeRane Good recently celebrated 70 years of marriage. Both residents are 91 years old and were married at the age of 21. They met in Enid, Oklahoma at Phillips University at student orientation.

They became fast friends and ate together regularly in the school cafeteria. Their relationship grew quickly and they both knew they wanted to get married soon. Don was in school to become a preacher and LeRane was studying business and art. To afford an engagement ring, Don had to quit the band and pawn his trombone. He gave LeRane the ring and she said a resounding, “Yes!.” They successfully navigated doubtful parents and low-income jobs until they were married.

They were still in college and both of them started working more to save for a place to rent. Their wedding was small and intimate and the bride wore her sister’s wedding dress. Eventually, the couple was able to rent a military trailer for $15 per month. They lived there for several months until they could afford a bigger trailer – this time with a toilet! They lived in Enid until they finished college and moved to Arkansas. Don began preaching at a small church where he was paid $15 per week.

They tried to have children but were unable to conceive and eventually adopted their daughter Linda on April 1, 1954. Don was then given the opportunity to work at a small church in Texas as the youth pastor. It was around this time they adopted their son, Terry Don. Now, they were a family of four.

Don continued preaching and was ultimately offered a position at a large church in Texas. He says the secret to their success is humility, patience, and unconditional love. They worked through the challenges together, as a family and trusting God to help them through the good times and the bad times.

Today the couple is 91 and living independently at MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs. They enjoy regular visits from their daughter, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Their love for each other and their family is obvious – they still look adoringly at each other.


We love having Don and LeRane at MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs! Their spirit of humility, patience, and unconditional love that has made their family so successful overflows into their relationships here. They make MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs the special place it is and we are thrilled to wish them a very happy 70th anniversary!

Stop by MacKenzie Place – Colorado Springs to meet our very special residents and learn more about our independent living, assisted living, and memory care options. We’d love to welcome you to our family!

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