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Finding Community at Fairwinds – Brighton Court

Fairwinds - Brighton Court Finding Community

Alissa Sauer

Making the transition to senior living can feel overwhelming, particularly for seniors who have lived most of their lives in their family homes, and especially for men moving to a predominately female senior living community. 

Fairwinds - Brighton Court Men Playing BilliardsFairwinds – Brighton Court senior living in Lynnwood, WA, understands that all seniors need a supportive community and strives to provide opportunities and activities for every resident to create meaningful connections. According to 2021 senior living statistics, the majority of senior living residents are women. Fairwinds – Brighton Court is proud to offer an inclusive living environment for men and women, comprised of 30% men.

This more balanced approach has allowed several groups of men to gather organically for programming, coffee, and billiards. Always including the ladies of the community, the men at Fairwinds – Brighton Court are able to find friends with similar interests and cultivate friendships more easily.

Fairwinds - Brighton Court Men PokerOne resident remarked that if he were home, he would be very isolated because it takes more effort to get out to share time with friends. But, at Fairwinds – Brighton Court, he just walks out his apartment door! Another male resident acknowledged that it was great to have other gentlemen around and that he has also enjoyed developing friendships with the women in the community.

Fairwinds – Brighton Court is now accepting new residents to independent living and assisted living! Contact us today to learn more about our senior living services and schedule your tour today!


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