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A Person-Centered Approach To Memory Care

Person Centered Approach to Memory Care

Alissa Sauer

At Leisure Care, we believe that all people, regardless of age and ability are important and meant to be valued. Each person has a purpose and a life to be honored and cared for – and cared for well. We also know that Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia are stressful, causing emotional, physical, and financial turmoil for families and loved ones.

That’s why our memory care communities are specifically designed to provide the highest level of care for people living with all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. We have a comprehensive, person-centered approach to care that helps our residents have their perfect day, every day. Our innovative memory care program is called Opal, its name derived from the special and unique hues of the precious stone, just like the unique differences in each memory care resident. With special considerations that include secured interior and exterior spaces to keep seniors who may wander safe, dementia-friendly dining menus, engaging activities, joyful entertainment, and much more, our memory care communities are caring and loving places for seniors with cognitive impairment to call home.

We have a dedicated team who is waiting to come alongside you and join you in your caregiving journey. Learn more about moving your loved into memory care.

When Should We Consider Moving a Loved One into Memory Care?

The decision to move a loved one from their home, your home, or an assisted living community into memory care is highly personal and individual. While much of it depends on your personal situation, here are 12 questions to help you make the right decision for yourself and your loved one:

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  1. Do I worry about the safety of my loved one when I am not around?
  2. Has my loved one recently fallen or seems unable to care for himself or herself?
  3. Is caring for my loved one causing my own mental, physical, or emotional health to suffer?
  4. Has my loved one become violent or angry?
  5. Has memory loss prevented my loved one from taking required medications?
  6. Does my loved one seem increasingly isolated and could benefit from being around others in a social environment?
  7. Has my loved one lost a significant amount of weight in a short time, signaling a lack of nutrition due to memory loss?
  8. Is my loved one unable to manage their own personal hygiene?
  9. Are there stacks of unpaid bills lying around? Are you concerned about their financial obligations being neglected?
  10. Do you worry your loved one is the target of financial scams because of cognitive impairment?
  11. Is home maintenance being neglected due to memory loss?
  12. Has your loved one been hoarding or making unnecessary purchases?

A Loving and Compassionate Way

Memory care is a loving and compassionate answer to helping your loved one live a meaningful and purposeful life while living with a neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s. Memory care communities allow seniors living with the disease to be social and expressive in an environment that is easy to live in and caters to their every need. Every resident and family is asked to fill out a life story document and a questionnaire that lets us get to know them on a personal level. We are committed to understanding the past of each resident, believing that our understanding of their past will help us contribute in a meaningful way to their future.

Our 7 Pillars of Wellness

With a staff that is specifically trained to work with people who have dementia, memory care at Leisure Care is done right. We put the preferences of our residents first and have a holistic approach to care centered around seven pillars of wellness.


With a focus on the unique physical abilities of residents, fitness opportunities are provided in both group and private sessions.


Everything from scenic drives to themed dinners and holiday events help residents feel included in society and maintain important connections.


By providing experiences like making s’mores, visiting a local park, or watching a filmed concert, our hope is to elicit fond memories or create brand-new ones.


Residents have daily opportunities to reminisce, converse, and share the things they enjoy the most in life.


Activities that elicit expression and provide sensory stimulation, like drawing, clay sculpting, or flower arranging, are just some of the opportunities residents take part in on a daily basis.


Our goal is to offer daily opportunities for residents to complete tasks with a purpose. We find that tasks like watering plants or helping the staff become quite meaningful for residents.


We aim to give residents the chance to experience and express themselves through what they see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.

We happily manage complex medication schedules and work closely with medical teams to meet needs as they change, caring for your loved one throughout the progression of the disease. Residents enjoy entertainment including art, music, and poetry – using creative channels to express their emotions. While our activity calendars are robust and offer residents a variety of activities to choose from, it’s our personal approach that makes Opal unique. By understanding the preferences of each resident we can create a meaningful experience that encourages residents to live their best life.

We invite you visit any of our memory care communities today. Let us help you in your caregiving journey, working together to provide the highest quality of life for you and your loved one.

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