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Senior Living Careers

What would it be like to work for a company that wants to see you succeed? How would it feel to know that every day your work matters? What if your employer simply wanted you to be happy? Leisure Care employees don’t have to wonder about this. From the corporate home office to our communities throughout the country, Leisure Care employees find balance, joy, and purpose in their careers. Take a closer look at how we invest in our people to reimagine a new age of senior living.

Leadership and Growth through Professional Development

At Leisure Care, we believe that happy employees are the best employees. To be honest, they are our ‘secret sauce.’ They are what sets our senior living communities apart from the rest. The bottom line is that happy employees who live balanced lives come to work ready to make an impact and, in turn, create an unparalleled senior living experience for residents and their families.

So, how do we keep our employees happy? That’s simple. We invest in them. We put our resources into employees who are showing up and going above and beyond for our residents and their families. We are constantly and consistently looking for the next generation of leaders in senior living.

We have several professional development programs for stand-out employees. Guiding, Recognizing, and Inspiring Talent (GRIT) is one of our more rigorous programs that encourage employees to build personal and professional skills in different areas of community life. Because, in many ways, senior living communities are microcosms of a larger community, a career in senior living can be incredibly varied. From hospitality management and reception services to cooking and healthcare, senior living draws people with a wide range of interest and backgrounds. GRIT encourages employees to seek development in the areas that interest them most.

GRIT is divided into four courses; freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior courses. Danielle Durazzo from The Landing of North Haven is the newest graduate of the sophomore GRIT class.

Danielle Durazzo“Danielle was a member of our Freshman GRIT program in the Spring of 2021, and she jumped on the opportunity to continue on to the Sophomore Program.  Danielle has an incredibly positive spirit and engages proactively in all of our GRIT curriculum and discussions. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Danielle through the GRIT program and I can’t wait to continue our work as she joins the Junior Class.  Please help me congratulate Danielle on this great accomplishment!”

– Holli Korb, Operations Director

Working in senior living is a great way to know you make a difference while doing the work you love. Leisure Care communities are now hiring in locations throughout the country. If you’re a current Leisure Care employee and want to learn more about our professional development programs, please visit the Signature Programs tab on the HUB.


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