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Spring Activities for Seniors

Spring Activities for Seniors

Alissa Sauer

Spring is here! For much of the country, the snow has melted, the cold has gone, and life is in full bloom! The days are getting longer and warmer and you may be feeling energized by the change in weather. So, what’s the best way to take advantage of the warmer days? Here are some ideas to get you and your loved ones enjoying the great outdoors this spring!

8 Outdoor Activities for Seniors this Spring

1. Take your exercise routine outdoors

The spring is a great time to take your exercise routine outside. If you’ve been in the gym all winter and walking on a treadmill, it’s now safe to walk outside. The ice has melted and the chance of falling has decreased so why not walk outdoors? Try and outdoor yoga class at sunrise to increase mobility and strengthen your focus throughout the day. Combine your exercise with a nature hike or explore a new park with your grandchildren so that you are exercising mind, body, and soul!

2. Take up gardening

Gardening is a great activity for seniors in the spring. Bringing mobility, increased immunity, and a reduced risk of depression, gardening is one way to draw seniors outdoors with purposeful and meaningful activity. If mobility is limited, consider a raised bed garden or even a potted plant garden. If your spring weather isn’t quite ready for plants, plant an indoor garden and start your seeds in small pots, ready to transplant when the weather is warmer.

3. Volunteer outdoors

Get outdoors and spend some time helping others! Volunteer for a park or beach clean up day, help with a pet adoption event at a local park, or play a sport with a child you mentor. The warmer weather is energizing and volunteering is a great way to give back and help seniors enjoy the spring in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

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4. Attend local farmers markets

Visit the local farmer’s markets and check out the fresh produce and flowers. Bring home some fresh flowers to brighten your living space or learn how to prepare a new type of vegetable. Consider having neighbors or friends over for a picnic showcasing your fresh finds at the local farmers market!

5. Spring clean your house

This is a great season to go through drawers and closets, sorting, organizing, and donating. Invite friends and family over to help you and make it a social event. Getting rid of unnecessary items can reduce the risk of falls and reduce anxiety. This is a great time to go through outdoor storage units and give items away, especially if you are preparing for a move to senior living.

6. Spend time with grandchildren

Spring is a great time to revisit your own childhood with your grandchildren! Fly a kite, explore a new park, draw with sidewalk chalk, or plan a pickup a baseball game with the neighborhood. You’ll love the weather, the time outside, and you will cultivate meaningful memories with the people you love.

7. Feed the birds

Nothing says spring like birds chirping. Spend the day bird watching or get bird feeders to hang outside, drawing the birds to your front porch. Make it a hobby to learn more about your new visitors and seek them out in nature.

8. Attend a local festival

Spring means that local festivals are back! Check your local news and events sites to find local festivals that feature seasonal cuisine, local bands, and more. This is a great activity to attend with friends or even bring grandchildren.

How do you plan to make the most of your time this spring? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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