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5 Exercises Older Adults Should Do Everyday

For today’s older adults, retirement is not about slowing down. It’s all about just getting started. It’s about embracing a lifestyle that promotes vitality and well-being. Regular physical activity is a cornerstone of this lifestyle, offering a host of benefits that span from improved mobility to enhanced mental health. 5 Daily Exercises for Older Adults…

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Celebrating Veterans at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch

December 7, 1941, is a day that continues to live in infamy. Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch resident George Coburn was a sailor on Battleship Row when Japan attacked Hawaii on that fateful day. Exactly 82 years later, George was honored with a Dream Flight. Learn more about his story of courage and sacrifice at Pearl…

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Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch Partner Supports Local Car Show Fundraiser

Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch is an active senior living community that strives to improve the larger Oceanside community. Learn more about their efforts to support El Camino High School through a scholarship fundraiser. Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch is intentional about supporting the larger local community. Most recently, the Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch team supported the…

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Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch Supports Meals on Wheels

Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch senior living community in Oceanside, California, is committed to improving the area where they live, work, and play! Learn how their commitment to Leisure Care’s Three-Thirds Lifestyle makes a difference in their local community. Fairwind – Ivey Ranch is a proud supporter of Meals on Wheels, a nonprofit that delivers meals…

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Friendship Lunch at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch

The past few years have shown us the importance of community. At Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch, we know that friendships and relationships are the glue that holds our community together. To honor the special friendships that our residents share, we hosted a Friendship Lunch where residents invited a non-resident friend to come and have lunch…

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Fairwinds Ivey Ranch Hosts Festival of Trees

Every year, Fairwinds Ivey Ranch partners with The Foundation for Senior Wellbeing to help older adults who find themselves in challenging situations or isolation. Each December, Fairwinds Ivey Ranch hosts the Festival of Trees to support year-end fundraising for this important initiative. Learn more about The Festival of Trees and how Fairwinds Ivey Ranch is…

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Regaining Health at Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch

At Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch independent living and assisted living, health and wellness are a priority. It’s more than something we say; it’s something we live every day. For resident Elsa Cox, moving to Fairwinds – Ivey Ranch was a second chance at healthy living. Learn more about her story and how our PrimeFit wellness…

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