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Transportation Services at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins

MacKenzie Place - Fort Collins Transportation Services

Alissa Sauer

MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins offers life-enhancing and hospitality-based independent living, assisted living, and memory care services in Fort Collins, CO. With personalized concierge service and high-end amenities, our residents can fully embrace a new age of senior living. Take a closer look at our services and amenities and how transportation services are helping residents find delight in the everyday.

Finding Freedom and Flexibility at MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins Senior Living

Driving has always been a symbol of freedom. It means that you can get yourself where you want to go and where you need to go. From taking your grandchildren to school to picking up groceries for a neighbor, driving allows you to be in control of your life.

However, transportation can become a source of stress when needs change, seniors stop driving, or it becomes more difficult to access reliable transportation. At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins, our residents can access transportation services that provide freedom and flexibility. Our senior living community transportation provides a safe and convenient way for seniors to explore the larger Fort Collins area. Our community drivers are experienced in driving with seniors and making accommodations for those with mobility concerns.

“James does a wonderful job driving us around. He is calm and friendly and provides a smooth ride to our destination. We really feel taken care of.” – MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins resident

Senior transportation can help our residents save money, too. Our transportation services are included in the monthly rent so residents can say goodbye to car payments, maintenance costs, and even worrying about the price of gas. Also, transportation services like ours allow residents to become more independent, not relying on family and friends to run errands or take them to medical appointments. They know they can get what they need with our service.

“Steph is such a wonderful driver and always attentive and caring.” — MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins resident

Go ahead and make plans to attend you grandchild’s soccer game, meet friends at the park, or go to dinner downtown. At MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins you’ll stay connected to your family, friends, and community through our intentional services and amenities.

Contact MacKenzie Place – Fort Collins today to see how a move to senior living can bring you greater freedom and flexibility!


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