Treeo South Ogden Annual Car Show

Treeo South Ogden Car Show

Every year, Treeo South Ogden hosts a Classic Car Show in honor of our anniversary. Complete with cars, a food truck rally, and even custom designed t-shirts for our residents, the Car Show has turned into a time-honored Treeo South Ogden tradition.

Treeo South Ogden Celebrates Anniversary with Classic Car Show

Treeo South Ogden Car ShowNothing says summer fun like a classic car show and food trucks! At Treeo South Ogden we celebrate our anniversary each year with a classic car show and food truck rally, inviting our residents, their friends and family, and the entire Ogden community to join us. Each resident receives a custom designed t-shirt to show their Treeo South Ogden pride while playing games, trying new food at delicious food trucks, and taking a walk down with memory lane.

Classic Car Show at Treeo South Ogden

This year’s car show included a visit from Miss Utah, a blood drive hosted by the American Red Cross, and cars from nearly every decade since the 1940s. Our residents enjoy taking their friends and family to each car and reliving simpler times, recalling their own joy rides in that make and model.

We are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary in a fun and unique way that our residents enjoy while also hearing the cherished memories that the classic cars bring back.

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