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The Benefits of Social Media Use for Seniors

The Benefits of Social Media for Seniors

Alissa Sauer

Social media has changed the way we interact with the world around us. From initiating grassroots movements to organizing community gatherings and reconnecting with old friends, social media has made the world a smaller place, bringing generations together in one platform. With nearly 59% of adults over the age of 65 are online and 46% of those are on at least one social network, it’s safe to say social media is impacting the lives of seniors in an unparalleled way.

Learn more about the benefits of social media usage for seniors.

6 Health Benefits of Social Media Use for Seniors

The increase in the percentage of seniors online has increased quickly and nearly half of online adults in the U.S. over the age of 65 have a Facebook account. There are several reasons why seniors have social media accounts and many of them ultimately benefit physical and mental health. Here are 6 benefits of social media for seniors.

1. Social media is an easy way to connect with long-distance family

Families are more geographically distant than ever. As children and grandchildren move away, social media is a great way to stay current on the lives of others. It’s easy and practically effortless. While nothing replaces quality time in-person together and face-to-face connection, social media is a great way to get the highlights of a loved one’s life and give you a conversation starter for the next time you are together.

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2. Social media can forge new friendships and reconnect old friends

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, can help seniors make new friends, finding people in their age group who have similar interests. Likewise, it can be a great way to find long lost friends from childhood and restart those meaningful friendships.

3. Social media can inspire civic engagement

There’s no doubt that social media can inspire generational movements and raise awareness about important issues. Being active on social media can help seniors be involved with these movements, raising issues about things that are important to their generation.

4. Social media can be educational

You never stop learning. Not only can social media make seniors aware of educational opportunities out in the community or at a nearby college, there are social media accounts dedicated to keeping the general population educated about scientific breakthroughs, historical accounts, current events, and more. Scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed is a great way to passively (or even actively) engage in local and global events while learning more about the world outside of your own home or senior living community.

5. Connections built on social media can lead to new business ventures

As the baby boomer generation hits their senior years, we are seeing more seniors remain in the workforce – either retiring later or starting second careers following a first retirement. Social media is a great place to market handmade crafts, business consulting services, promote events and more. Having an online presence can help a senior start marketing a new business no cost or help them grow an existing business.

6. Social media can be entertaining

Last, but certainly not least, social media is entertaining. Whether it’s laughing at a meme, catching up with old friends, reliving the past through clips of old shows, playing games, or reading articles, social media is a great way to laugh, learn, and share.

Does your senior loved one have a social media account? How have you seen it affect his or her quality of life? Share your personal experiences with us in the comments below.

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